10 Fun Examples of Chain Link Crochet Necklaces

Although most of the blogs that I follow are crochet blogs I also do follow a lot of art, design and fashion blogs. This week the @2Modern blog shared this acrylic necklace:

michael kors acrylic necklace

The necklace is by Michael Kors (who used to crochet!) and is part of a roundup by @nymag of 10 different clear accessories that are hot right now. What does this have to do with crochet? The chain link style immediately made me think of some of the chunky chain link crochet necklaces I’ve seen in the past so I thought I’d do a roundup today.

1. Abinocoe Chain Link Necklace

chain link crochet

The first crochet necklace I ever showcased on this blog was by artist Abinocoe.

2. Yokoo Chunky Crochet Necklace

yooka crochet chains

One of my very favorite chunky crochet chain pieces is the necklace/ scarf by artist Yokoo Gibran.

3. Crochet Chain Link Scarf Pattern

crochet chain link scarf pattern

@iamdonatella was inspired by one of the crochet chain link pieces of Yokoo Gibran and created a crochet chain link scarf pattern

4. Crochet Chain Link Necklace Pattern

blue crochet chain link scarf

Cornflower Blue Studio offers another crochet pattern for a chain link scarf or necklace.

5. Katie Probert Crochet Chain Link Design

crochet chain links

@boyswithbanjos explains: “British knitwear designer Katie Probert blurs the line between art and fashion. The French Alps-stationed artist’s innovative design for the “Hoop-La Scarf” boasts multi-colored yarn and over 40 hand-crocheted chains that have been linked together.”

6. Urban Crochet Chain Link Necklace

crochet chain link large

Maybe it’s just the grey color but this chunky crochet chain link necklace sold by Etsy’s TallYarnsDotCom looks more urban than the others to me.

7. Beaded Crochet Chain Necklace

beaded crochet chain necklace

I love the beaded variation of the crochet chain link necklace; it’s by Etsy’s vanessahandmade.

8. Crochet Chain Necklace

crochet chain necklace

This crochet chain link necklace by Etsy’s OmareBanksInc is actually on a chain!

9. Crochet Chain Link Cowl

crochet chain link cowl

Wibbly Wobbly Knits offers a free crochet pattern for a crochet chain link scarf and offers this image of how it can look when doubled up into a cowl.

10. Designer Crochet Chain Necklace

marc jacobs crochet chain

This one was on the runway, it’s Marc Jacobs crochet

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