Cathy Vanderflute


Crochet Reader

Welcome to another easy peasy crochet project. Doable for beginners using a chain and single crochet stitch. Do you remember when crochet covered “everything” of the years gone by? There were toilet paper roll covers, tissue box covers, and you can still find kitchen towels with crocheted tops that button onto your kitchen range handle. Fast forward to today for these updated crochet “cover-up” projects I made for myself instead of purchasing. I guess that’s what crafting is about for me, the joy of creating both beautiful as well as useful things. So to begin, choose your yarn or thread! Choosing the color and texture of the yarn may be my favorite part of any crochet project. In this case, I did what I most often do, I went straight to my stash. This doesn’t take a lot of yarn, so it’s a great project for using up scrap! …

Just for Fun: Crochet Fruit Potholders

This is a fun, easy “Lay Flat Circle” crochet pattern project that is great for beginners. Crocheting these potholders was one of my first projects as a little girl. “Lay Flat” means just that. As you are crocheting a circle, be sure the circle will lay flat on a surface. Create one or a whole fruit bowl of potholders and give as a bright birthday or bridal shower gift. For these I used Clover size I & J crochet hook, a darning needle, scissors and an assortment of yarn (4.5 and 7 oz.) and some “unidentifiable” balls of scrap yarn. I suggest you use at least 3 colors of yarn – one for the main color, yarn for the trim, a color for the seeds or embellishments. Use your imagination on color choice, try something wild like purple apple slices or even a daisy or sunflower. Get adventuresome and make…