5 Mamachee Crochet Patterns to Pretty Up Your Feet


Mamachee offers all different types of crochet patterns but today what I want to highlight are her great patterns for crochet socks, crochet shoes and crochet slippers. Here are five of my favorite Mamachee crochet patterns for the feet:

1. Crochet Chloe Slippers

chloe crochet shoes

This style is available as a pattern for babies and girls as well as a pattern for adult women. I think they’re adorable crochet shoes!

2. Crochet Cabled Boots

crochet boots

These crochet boots designed with cables look like they are fun to make and comfy to wear! These are available in kid sizes as well as adult sizes.

3. Crochet Flip Flops

crochet flip flops

The weather is going to start warming up again soon and you’ll need a new pair of flip flops; why not crochet flip flops this year?

4. Crochet Baby Booties

crochet baby booties

I love the Buccaneer Booties that Mamachee has designed for babies!

5. Openwork Crochet Slippers

crochet socks pattern

I think that these would work great as around-the-house crochet slippers or even as crochet socks.

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  1. I would like to get a copy of the crochet cabled boots as the link no longer works. Please email me the pattern as I would like to surprise my niece with a pair of these.
    Thank you so much, I love your work!


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