30 Stunning Examples of Upcycled Crochet

Recently we took a look at 15 ways to upcycle a crochet blanket into wearable fiber art. But blankets are not the only thing you can upcycle into mixed media fashion (as we’ve seen previously with doily dresses). Here are 30 stunning, inspiring examples of upcycled crochet fashion.

upcycled altered crochet art

 Raw Hemline makes altered art couture clothing including this beautiful upcycled crochet cardigan that is described as “an upcycled, re-worked crocheted lace cardigan in a shiny ivory cream yarn … adorned with lots of handstitched beads and diamantes, handstitched laces, vintage lace and handmade recycled silk flowers”.

upcycled doily crochet dress

Upcycled doily bridal crochet by Daniel Laukat

upcycled crochet doily lingerie top

Beautiful Victorian corset top updated with upcycled doilies sold on Etsy by RAWRAGSbyPK. Here are three more great examples of the work by this seller:

upcycled crochet outfit upcycled crochet doily hoodie upcycled crochet doily top

granny square crochet waistcoat

Here’s a stunning crochet jacket. It has been upcycled from a granny square crochet blanket, with red sleeves added to create a modern look and lots of shaping done to make it sexy. It’s from Malam on Etsy.

crochet shawl

This simple crochet shawl has been reinvented with the addition of a Grateful Dead appliqué. Created by ReincarnationMarket.

upcycled crochet tunic

WearMeOutTonight upcycled this crochet tunic by adding dye and embellishing with flowers.

upcycled rainbow crochet doily dress

Adorable flirty crochet dress by 3LadybugsInARow who added vintage hand-dyed crochet doilies to upcycle it. Here are two more from this fun maker:

upcycled crochet granny flower top upcycled crochet doily top

upcycled crochet sweater

Here is an upcycled crochet sweater by 777DressCode who gave it unique style by adding gold buttons and bow ribbons.

crochet cardigan with vintage fabric

Beautiful crochet cardigan upcycled with vintage fabric in the form of faux pockets. Created by NineMusesofCrete. Here are two more from this same great maker:

vintage upcycled crochet and fabric top upcycled vintage crochet trim shirt

mixed media crochet dress

Brambleygirl explains, “This lovely coat is a combination of several crochet and other lightweight sweaters. Shades of salmon pink, moss green, sand and black come together in a delightful swishy, flirty mix. This sweater was really quite challenging to create, as the crochet was not sewing together well, I took care of this by double and triple stitching the seams, hand sewing as needed and then finishing edges with my own crochet trim.”

crochet doily sweater

Crochet sweater upcycled with vintage crochet doilies at the hem from CatzStitchedFantasy

altered couture top

ArtfullYou describes this top as altered couture.

upcycled crochet doily shawl

Upcycled crochet doily shawl made from table linens by CollingbrookDesigns

upcycled and dyed crochet top

Upcycled and dyed crochet top from TwistToFashion

upcycled crochet top

Sweater upcycled with crochet doily, trim and collar from Paintallday

upcycled crochet caftan

PrettyUnusuall says that this upcycled caftan “has been fashioned from a vintage cotton crochet tablecloth” and “The front centre has been created by using vintage cotton/lace/crochet doilies and mats in various shades of caramel/peach/toffee. The centre piece is hand embroidered.”

upcycled vintage crochet dress

Upcycled vintage tablecloth and upcycled vintage crochet doily combined together by OldMadeNewBySharon to make a small girls’ dress who has done something similar in this dress as well:

crochet collar upcycled

upcycled crochet baby bonnet

KISoriginals says, “I purchased this lovely vintage white Irish Crochet baby bonnet with the idea of recreating it. I started by washing it and than adding the embellishments. I used two rows of delicately embroidered French ribbon with fringe. Between the two rows I embroidered tiny rose buds all across the front and on the back I attached a silk ribbonwork flower. I took off the old ribbon strings and attached soft pink double faced satin ribbon. Along the inside front edge of the bonnet, I hand stitched ivory ribbon to cover any rough edges there might be from my stitches.” Here’s one more:

crochet bonnet vintage

crochet doily skirt

Crochet skirt made from upcycled vintage doilies. Sold on Etsy by seidiclothing who has lots of great doily clothing. Here are a couple more:

upcycled crochet doily dress upcycled crochet lace doily skirt

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  1. Hi- Beautiful post! Do you know the source for the purple shawl/or drapey cardigan with the frilly crochet embellishment. Its the one that has a purple garment with little black images in the fabric.- towards the latter part of the post. I LOVE it. Thanks, Jen


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