30 Matching Crochet Pattern Sets for Your Next Project

Making sets of things can be a great gift idea and can also be more motivational for some hookers to get their sets completed.

Whether you want a matching hat, scarf, mittens, or sibling outfits, we’ve collected some of the cutest crochet sets available in pattern form!

Crochet Scarves & Cowls Matching Pattern Sets

Crochet scarves and cowls sometimes come with matching patterns for hats or gloves (and sometimes both!) Check out these pattern sets and pick your next quick project to get done! 

Crochet Clothing Pattern Sets

Of course sets don't have to be just scarves/cowls with hats and gloves, but can be clothing sets as well.  With matching tops and bottoms, you can make yourself a whole fit, and it won't take forever, we promise!

Browse these nine women's clothing sets and make your next cute fit! 

Crochet Pattern Sets for Kids and Babies

We can't show so many cute adult sets without showcasing all the adorable sets for babies and younger kids.  Before your child has developed their own taste and style, there are so many easy and cute baby and child crochet fits that you can dress your little ones in! 

Mommy and Me Crochet Pattern Sets

With so many fun and beautiful matching sets already, we had to wrap this up with all the adorable matching "Mommy and Me" sets that you can make for you and your little one(s).  

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