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Doily Afghans is a collection of crochet patterns that were originally doilies and were adapted to become beautiful round afghans. There are five blanket patterns in this book along with the inspiration to encourage you to tackle lots of other doily designs in the same way.

Adapting Crochet Doily Designs

In the introduction to this book, the editors share that their primary goal was for each pattern “to be as beautiful and colorful as thread doilies“. They really wanted the blankets to have the looks of the original doily designs even though they weren’t worked in thread. They had to do some tweaking to the original designs to make that happen and the result is this small collection of pretty circular blanket patterns.

green doily afghan

Colorful Natural Crochet Blankets

I love the color choices that they ended up going with for the blanket patterns in this book. One is a classic white that you would expect to see from a thread crochet doily. It’s intricate, unique design is enough for the eye so that you don’t need any more color. Another is a beautiful blue design. A third is different shades of green. The fourth uses a variegated yarn that includes blues, yellows and greens along with a border made of cream. And finally there is the one on the cover that is mostly “oat” with a few rounds of the bright orange. All of these colors make me think of nature – the ocean, the sky, the sunset, the trees. That said, you could choose your own colors to make any of these patterns uniquely your own, from a sleek all-black doily afghan to a multi-colored crochet mandala blanket.

blue doily afghan

Pineapple Crochet and More

Two of the crochet blanket patterns in this collection use versions of the popular pineapple motif. This is  a design frequently seen in doilies and not seen nearly enough when worked in thicker yarns. It’s a great design and one that is really fun to work up so it will be a joy for anyone to play with the two designs that use it in this book. Those two patterns are both worked in rounds although the Pineapple Celebration also incorporates motifs (floral designs that form the center before the rounds of pineapples). The Circle of Stars (all white design) is worked in motifs while the remaining two crochet doily blankets are worked in the round. Crochet stitches used in this book include shells, picots, v-stitch, and clusters.

white doily afghan

Medium Weight Crochet Blankets

All of these doily afghans are designed to be worked in medium weight (worsted weight) yarn. They are worked with size H, J and K crochet hooks. They are designed to range from 30″ – 51″ in diameter; if you wanted to create larger, cozy crochet blankets then you could go up to a larger size yarn and hook and use the same pattern to get a chunkier, warmer design. After all, these were adapted from much smaller doilies so they could be adapted to go even bigger in size!


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