It’s been awhile since I collected the amazing free crochet patterns from all of the blogs that I follow to share them with you. Here they are!

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Sponsor Love: Nettie’s Super Simple Patterns

nettie's simple crochet patterns

Jessie at Home has created a collection of 7 crochet patterns all featuring the same style of openwork stitches but each unique from the others. It’s a fun and fabulous set. You can get all seven of the crochet patterns for just $6 from her Nettie’s Super Simple Stitches ebook. However, if you want to try them one at a time, you’ll discover that five of the patterns are individually available as free crochet patterns. Enjoy!

Crochet Clothing Free Patterns

crochet sweater free pattern

Overcast sweater free crochet clothing pattern from Maz Kwok

Summer tunic free

Summer tunic free crochet pattern also from Maz Kwok

crochet baby dress free pattern

Grace and Charm baby dress – free crochet pattern @jessie_athome

Crochet Purse Free Patterns

granny square clutch purse pattern

Granny square clutch purse free crochet pattern

striped crochet purse pattern

Mini handbag free crochet pattern by Moogly, made using The Leaping Stripes and Blocks stitch pattern

free crochet pattern - summer bag

Coastal beach bag free crochet pattern from @jessie_athome

bobble stitch crochet sheep bag

Crochet sheep drawstring bag free pattern from Repeat Crafter Me

Crochet Hat Free Patterns

crochet beanie free pattern

Saving You Summer crochet beanie free pattern from Elk Studio who says, “It’s always a pleasure for me to design a hat specifically for a cancer patient and the Saving You Summer Beanie is perfect.”

chunky beanie free crochet pattern

Chunky beanie free crochet pattern from RedAgape

crochet beanie free pattern

Basic beanie free crochet pattern from Roving Crafters; find 9 more free beanie crochet patterns here

crochet hat pattern

Lacy crochet hat pattern free from Moogly with instructions to shorten it to make a beanie instead if you prefer

crochet baby hat free pattern

Preemie baby hat free crochet pattern from Lacy Crochet made using approximately 100 yards of crochet thread size 5

Crochet Scarf / Cowl Free Patterns

spring crochet scarf free pattern

Springtime skinny crochet scarf free pattern with fringe from Dream Crochet who says it “is incredibly easy to make and way more fun to wear”

pink scarf free crochet pattern

Pink scarf free crochet pattern from Elk Studio who says, “While this accessory is definitely a scarf….it’s purpose was to wear as a fashion statement.”

snapdragon stitch crochet cowl free pattern

Snapdragon stitch crochet cowl free pattern from Not Your Average Crochet who says “This pattern employs the snapdragon stitch as well as yarns the color of blooming snapdragons”; the pattern is shown in both sock weight and worsted weight yarn

keyhole scarf free crochet pattern

Keyhole scarf free crochet pattern by CraftyBegonia who says, “The stitches have enough “give” to make the scarflet appear as if it was knitted. The drape and the feel of these stitches is wonderful.”

infinity scarf free crochet pattern

Infinity scarf free crochet pattern by Marie from Underground Crafter

crochet cowl free pattern

Crochet cowl free pattern from Fiber Flux who says, “The Ocean Shimmer Capelet Cowl is a beautiful and versatile piece that can be work either as a traditional cowl or pulled down around the shoulders for an elegant accessory”

puffy stripes crochet scarf free pattern

Puff-y Stripes free crochet scarf pattern from Marie of Underground Crafter, made using a combo of solid yarn and self-striping yarn

Crochet Shawl Free Patterns

free crochet wrap pattern

Free springtime crochet wrap pattern from My Hobby is Crochet who explains, “For a wider/narrower wrap work add/ less more pattern repeats.”

shawlette free crochet pattern

Larkspur shawlette free crochet pattern by Fiber Flux

Crochet Jewelry Free Patterns

mandala necklace free crochet pattern

African mandala necklace free crochet pattern from LillaBjorn who says, “we should not be afraid of looking bright and happy!”

free crochet earrings pattern

spiral flower earrings free crochet pattern from Happiness Crafty

crochet tribal necklace free pattern

Tribal necklace free crochet pattern, a beaded crochet jewelry pattern from Little Treasures

crofhet bracelet free pattern

Crochet bracelet free pattern from Happiness Crafty who also has a cute free crochet earrings pattern

Other Free Crochet Accessories Patterns

cabled crochet leg warmers

Cabled Crochet Legwarmers free pattern from All About Ami who designed them to match her Granite Cape free crochet pattern

fingerless gloves and bootwarmers

Matching fingerless gloves and boot warmers free pattern by Emi Harrington via My Hobby is Crochet

slipper socks free crochet pattern

Slipper socks free crochet pattern from Fiber Flux

crochet headband free pattern

Crochet elastic headband free pattern from Dream Crochet who says, “I absolutely love the color of this yarn, “Hot Green” entirely is setting me in the spirit of all things bright and Spring like!”

crochet belt free pattern

Easy lace belt free crochet pattern from Fiber Flux who explains that it is made with “A simple two row lace construction works up in no time flat. “

Crochet Blanket Free Patterns

crochet baby blanket free pattern

Crochet baby blanket free pattern from Little Things Blogged who says, “The design was inspired from the vintage filet blankets, maintaining a modern aspect forming geometric arrows within each color section.”

crochet blanket free pattern

Skittles Blanket free crochet pattern from Felted Button who says, “It’s a party of color, I tell ya! And with fun texture, too. I had someone tell me that it looks really complicated, but honestly, it is super simple!!”

vstitch rainbow blanket free crochet pattern

V-stitch rainbow blanket free crochet pattern from Repeat Crafter Me; see more v-stitch patterns here

iphone blanket

Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me also shared the free crochet graphs for this iPhone blanket designed by Stephanie Lewis

Crochet Pillow Free Patterns

Daisy Granny Square Pillow #crochet pattern

Daisy Granny Square Pillow crochet pattern free when you sign up for the You Should Craft free email newsletter

Free Patterns – Crochet for the Home

free crochet granny lampshade pattern

Granny stripe lampshade free crochet pattern from Stitch Craft Create; see other crochet lamps here

crochet mandala free patterns

Small, medium and large crochet mandala patterns via Mollie Makes

mandala rug free crochet pattern

Mandala rug free crochet pattern – a beautiful textured design from Jessie At Home

circle rug free crochet pattern

Circle rug free crochet pattern from Dream Crochet who says, “Perceiving that the yarn might be a little more home decor based, I designed a functional piece for the home and here is a fun tutorial on how to create this rug!”

shell basket free crochet pattern

Shell basket free crochet pattern from A Spoonful of Yarn, available in both English and Dutch instructions. She says, “The pattern has some extra pictures to clarify a few steps and a link to Wink’s tutorial for the needle join in the round and the standing stitch. So it is a good pattern for beginners too.” Related: How to crochet shell stitch by Dedri Uys on Craftsy.

t-shirt yarn crochet nesting baksets

T-shirt yarn crochet nesting baskets free pattern from Petals to Picots

bobble bath mat free crochet pattern

Striped, textured bobble crochet bath mat free pattern from Love Crochet

turtle coaster crochet pattern

Turtle coaster free crochet pattern from Melody’s Makings. Adorable. A knit version is available as well.

jute crochet placemats free pattern

Jute crochet placemats free pattern from Petals to Picots who says they “Add a rustic yet chic accent to your table”

crochet dishcloth pattern

Country granny dishcloth free pattern from My Recycled Bags

crochet dischloth free pattern

Floral dishcloth free crochet pattern from Lindsay Obermeyer

crochet dishcloth free pattern

Crochet cotton dishcloth free pattern from Stitch Craft Create

crochet bath scrubbies free pattern

Crochet bath scrubbie free pattern; Creative Jewish Mom shows how to add crochet to potato sacks to make strong scrubbies

Crochet Flower Free Patterns

crochet flower border free pattern

Floral border free crochet pattern from Lacy Crochet

crochet flower pattern

Free crochet flower pattern from Susan Pinner with join-as-you-go instructions

free crochet roses doily pattern

Free crochet doily pattern with roses via BellaCrochet

And Other Free Crochet Patterns

crochet needle case free pattern

Crochet needle case free pattern from Moogly

mini mandala pin cushion free crochet pattern

Mini mandala pincushion free crochet pattern from Made With Loops

crochet bunting free pattern

Crochet bunting free pattern from Just Be Happy

crochet bow free pattern

Crochet bow free pattern from My Hobby is Crochet


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