Like to crochet amigurumi? Here are a bunch of new 2015 amigurumi crochet patterns for you to enjoy.

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Amigurumi Cactus Free Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi cactus free crochet pattern by Hopeful Honey. See more crochet cacti here.

crochet cat patterns

Amigurumi crochet cat patterns for sale from @planetjune

camel crochet pattern

Camel crochet pattern also for sale from @planetjune

crochet penguin pattern

Crochet baby penguin free pattern from @mamainastitch

amigurumi crochet ebook

Amigurumi pals crochet pattern (bear, bunny, kitty) for sale from Itsy Bitsy Spider who shares: “There aren’t a lot of patterns out there that really encourage crocheters to express themselves — but with my first Amigurumi Pals pattern, I’m hoping to change that. This pattern is an amigurumi “choose-your-own-adventure.” I’ll provide the instructions you need and you choose the way your final project comes out. Make a bear, bunny, or cute kitty and then choose the accessories to give your new friend a one-of-a-kind personality.”

crochet angel doll

Crochet angel doll free pattern from Annoo’s Crochet World

crochet red riding hood free pattern

Crochet Red Riding Hood free pattern from My Backyard Monsters spotted via @annemariesblog

crochet bunny pattern

Strawberry bunny crochet pattern for sale from The Lazy Hobbyhopper

crochet teddy bear free pattern

Crochet teddy bear free pattern by Pamela Mackenzie

crochet monkey pattern

Amigurumi crochet monkey pattern for sale from All So Cute

sponge bob crochet patterns

Sponge Bob and Patrick crochet patterns for sale from All So Cute

crochet gremlin

Gremlins’ Gizmo free crochet pattern via @craftgossip

crochet bears pattern

Love Bears free crochet pattern from @fiberflux

crochet guinea pig

Baby guinea pigs crochet pattern for sale from @planetjune

crochet lamb free pattern

Crochet lamb free pattern @allaboutami

crochet chick

Crochet chicklet free pattern for Easter from Attic24

cupid heart amigurumi pattern

Cupid heart amigurumi pattern for sale from @freshstitches who also has some great Tips on choosing eyes for amigurumi

crochet heart pattern

3D Crochet Heart Pattern for sale from Little Treasures

crochet earth free pattern

Crochet earth free amigurumi pattern from @SCCelinaLane

crochet dragon pattern

Amigurumi crochet dragon pattern for sale from All So Cute

crochet amigurumi dolls

Girl and boy amigurumi crochet doll pattern free from @repeatcrafterme

zen cat crochet

Neko No Unchi crochet kit and pattern for sale from @CrochetKitten

crochet lemon stress ball pattern

Crochet lemon stress ball free pattern by @twinkiechan for @cycyarncouncil National Stress Awareness Month. Crochet saves lives!

amigurumi crochet tips

And a bonus: How to add opposable limbs to amigurumi @crochetkitten

granny square crochet multi

And one more bonus: @planetjune explains about yarn for amigurumi, especially for folks outside of North America


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