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Sundays on Crochet Concupiscence are when we celebrate the best crochet on Instagram. Hopefully this massive roundup inspires you! We had about 300 photos from more than 80 contributors. Make sure that you check out some of their pages and follow some new people for ongoing inspiration. And if you like these roundups, share the link through social media (including Instagram) so others can see this as well!

This is the last roundup of 2015, as I’ll be taking a break for December. Keep on tagging photos, though, so that people can continue to see your crochet by looking at #crochetconcupiscence and #crochetsavedmylife. I’ll also be adding those to my Instagram crochet Pinterest board. Find that board here. These roundups on the blog will be back in January!

And in the meantime, keep an eye on the blog because there will be something special throughout December.

Your Crochet on Instagram

Featured Instagrammer

This week’s featured instagrammer is heartmadebeanies, an online shop specializing in crochet hats but selling other crochet items as well. I love all of the beautiful colors which are warm and soft. Everything just looks so cozy! Visit the heartmadbeanies page on Facebook as well. Here’s what heartmadebeanies shared with us this week:

heartmadebeanies cozy crochet heartmadebeanies crochet hat heart heartmadebeanies crochet headband

And More!

I’m always thrilled each week when new people join in the fun with their crochet-related tags. This week we’re welcoming a whole lot of new people. Thanks to each and every one of you for joining for the first time. And thanks to all of the regular joiners as well. Without you, these roundups can’t happen!

Crochet collage and yarn crafting from above_rubys:

above_rubys crochet collage above_rubys yarncraft Crochet squares from ahunrtr:

ahunrtr crochet squares

Crochet skirt, fingerless gloves and hat from alioopsy1:

alioopsy1 crochet clothing

alioopsy1 crochet fingerless gloves alioopsy1 crochet hat

Crochet hat and scarf set from alisol100:

alisol100 crochet set

Crochet squares from allisonpadua:

allisonpadua crochet squares

Crochet bag from anargirosmou:

anargirosmou crochet bag

Crochet blankets, hat and tree skirt from angie_angie02004:

angie_angie02004 crochet blue blanket angie_angie02004 crochet Christmas tree skirt angie_angie02004 crochet purple blanket angie_angie02004 crochet purple hat angie_angie02004 crochet striped blanket

Crochet apples, mushroom, sushi, and more from annalisacco:

annalisacco crochet annalisacco crochet apple annalisacco crochet apple 2 annalisacco crochet lace annalisacco crochet mushroo annalisacco crochet spiderweb heart annalisacco crochet sushi 2 annalisacco crochet toy colorful crochet from arzuttkn:

arzuttkn colorful crochet Crochet bootcuffs, cowl, earwarmer, leg warmers and more from audra_hooknowl:

audra_hooknowl crochet audra_hooknowl crochet boot cuffs audra_hooknowl crochet cowl audra_hooknowl crochet earwarmers audra_hooknowl crochet legwarmers audra_hooknowl frozen crochet hat audra_hooknowl frozen crochet hat 2crochet cowl from bechancer:

bechancer crochet cowl Crochet rainbow booties from bethshananne:

bethshananne crochet rainbow shoes bethshananne crochet shoes Crochet hat sip from bluebirdsunshine:

bluebirdsunshine crochet hat Crochet Christmas decorations, rug, sandals and more from btrixdsigns:

btrixdsigns christmas tree crochet ornament btrixdsigns crochet christmas decorations btrixdsigns crochet christmas decorations 2 btrixdsigns crochet christmas tree wip btrixdsigns crochet hat btrixdsigns crochet owl btrixdsigns crochet rug btrixdsigns crochet shoes btrixdsigns tshirt yarn crochet Colorful crochet and Christmas goodies from carter_and_brown:

carter_and_brown colorful crochet carter_and_brown colorful crochet 2 carter_and_brown crochet christmas carter_and_brown crochet christmas mushroom carter_and_brown crochet christmas snowman carter_and_brown crochet christmas wine bottle topper Crochet doily, fingerless gloves, Christmas crochet and more from ceyhan65:

ceyhan65 christmas crochet ceyhan65 crochet doily ceyhan65 crochet fingerless gloves ceyhan65 crochet squares Crochet ear warmer from charliwalker44:

charliwalker44 crochet earwarmer

Crochet v-stitch from crochetandbabushkas:

crochetandbabushkas crochet vstitch Crochet Elsa hat, sweater and some wisdom from crochetbyshelby:

crochetbyshelby crochet elsa hat crochetbyshelby crochet sweater crochetbyshelby crochet wisdom Crochet dolls, hats and ornaments from crochetingthruchronicdiseases:

crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet doll crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet doll 2 crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet doll 3 crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet doll hat 2 crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet doll head crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet doll WIP crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet hat crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet slouchy hat Crochet ornaments, baskets, doily rugs and more from crochetinpaternoster:

crochetinpaternoster christmas crochet ornaments crochetinpaternoster crochet basket crochetinpaternoster crochet basket 2 crochetinpaternoster crochet basket 3 crochetinpaternoster crochet christmas ornaments crochetinpaternoster crochet christmas tree ornaments crochetinpaternoster crochet christmas trees crochetinpaternoster crochet collage crochetinpaternoster crochet doily crochetinpaternoster crochet doily rug crochetinpaternoster crochet doily rug 1 crochetinpaternoster crochet photo art crochetinpaternoster crochet t-shirt rug Crochet dinos, elephants, birds and teapot cozy from cuteashook:

cuteashook crochet dino cuteashook crochet dino 2 cuteashook crochet elephant cuteashook crochet elephant 2 cuteashook crochet robins cuteashook crochet teapot cozy Crochet blanket from daisychainscrochet:

daisychainscrochet crochet blanket Crochet WIP from darna.82:

darna.82 crochet scoodie Crochet cat from debbiegribbon1979:

debbiegribbon1979 crochet cat Crochet art necklace and mandala from dotrebeccadot:

dotrebeccadot crochet necklace

dotrebeccadot crochet mandala

Crochet gloves from ektelykke:

ektelykke crochet fingerless gloves ektelykke crochet gloves Mesh crochet shopper bag from elisabethandree:

elisabethandree crochet shopper bag Crochet grannies, hats, pumpkins and more from ellycaruthers:

ellycaruthers crochet ellycaruthers crochet granny ellycaruthers crochet granny square ellycaruthers crochet hat ellycaruthers crochet pumpkins ellycaruthers yarn studio Crochet blanket with kitty from forestflowerdesigns:

forestflowerdesigns crochet blanketElephant on crochet squares and some tapestry crochet from forever__autumn__:

forever__autumn__ crochet squares forever__autumn__ tapestry crochet Crochet blanket, chocolate orange and stars from foxyloxy69:

foxyloxy69 crochet blanket foxyloxy69 crochet chocolate orange foxyloxy69 crochet star foxyloxy69 crochet stars Crochet blankets and stockings from frendzicrochet:

frendzicrochet crochet blanket frendzicrochet crochet blanket 2 frendzicrochet crochet blanket 3 frendzicrochet crochet blanket squares frendzicrochet crochet stocking frendzicrochet crochet stocking 2 frendzicrochet crochet stockings frendzicrochet crochet wip Crochet hermit crab shell from freya_loves_sharks:

freya_loves_sharks crochet shell Crochet apple, baby crown, lamb hat, blanket and more from funnyva1entine:

funnyva1entine crochet apple funnyva1entine crochet baby crown funnyva1entine crochet baby lamb hat funnyva1entine crochet baby toy funnyva1entine crochet blanket funnyva1entine crochet cowl funnyva1entine crochet gift funnyva1entine crochet panda funnyva1entine crochet sushi Crochet boot cuffs, mittens and more from gigididthis:

gigididthis crochet boot cuffs gigididthis crochet mittens gigididthis ribbed hdc crochet gigididthis yarn Crochet mittens from gooseberryfool:

gooseberryfool crochet mittens Crochet scarf from habitualhomebody:

habitualhomebody crochet scarf Christmas crochet and crochet cowl from hanrosieg:

hanrosieg crochet christmas hanrosieg crochet cowl Crochet blanket, Christmas star, fox cowls and more from holly_pips:

holly_pips crochet holly_pips crochet blanket holly_pips crochet christmas star holly_pips crochet fox cowls holly_pips crochet tshirt yarn Crochet brooches, coat, shawls and more from hookybren:

hookybren crochet brooches hookybren crochet coat hookybren crochet cozies hookybren crochet shawl hookybren crochet shawl 2 Crochet blanket from huhana4:

huhana4 crochet blanket Crochet blankets and hats from itsjustcrochet:

itsjustcrochet crochet blanket itsjustcrochet crochet blanket 2 itsjustcrochet crochet blanket 3 itsjustcrochet crochet hats Crochet fingerless gloves from joyfuljaxcrochets.and.knits:

joyfuljaxcrochets.and.knits crochet fingerless glovesCrochet blanket, costumes and more from kl_stell:

kl_stell batman crochet kl_stell crochet blanket kl_stell crochet costumes kl_stell crochet granny blanket Crochet bunnies from libbycraft:

libbycraft crochet blanket and bunnies libbycraft crochet bunniesKnit and crochet bandana and fingerless gloves from lisesolvang:

lisesolvang crochet knit bandana lisesolvang knit and crochet fingerless gloves Crochet garlands, princess crown and more from littlefoxcrochet:

littlefoxcrochet crochet christmas littlefoxcrochet crochet garland littlefoxcrochet crochet garland lights littlefoxcrochet crochet princess crown littlefoxcrochet crochet strawberries garland Crochet coffee cup cozy from livingskiescrochet:

livingskiescrochet crochet coffee cozy Crochet WIP from loriseaborg:

loriseaborg crochet WIP loriseaborg crochet WIP 2 Crochet bunny, newborn hats and more form loucamp:

loucamp crochet bunny loucamp crochet christmas loucamp crochet newborn hats Crochet ripples from love2loop:

love2loop crochet ripples Christmas crochet from magneticmary:

magneticmary crochet ornament Crochet cowl from make_the_nest:

make_the_nest crochet cowl Crochet duck and reindeer from mimamami_creations:

mimamami_creations crochet duck mimamami_creations crochet reindeer Crochet hat and hooded cowl from missmotherhook:

missmotherhook crochet flower hat missmotherhook crochet hooded cowl missmotherhook crochet hooded cowl 2 Crochet cowls from mmjatl:

mmjatl crochet cowl mmjatl crochet cowl 2 mmjatl crochet cowl 3 mmjatl crochet cowl 4 mmjatl crochet cowl 5 mmjatl crochet cowl 6 mmjatl crochet cowl 7 mmjatl crochet cowl 8 mmjatl crochet cowl 9 Crochet cowl / plant holder from mobiusgirl:

mobiusgirl crochet cozy Crochet helicopter hat from monpetitfour:

monpetitfour crochet helciopter hat Christmas crochet from ms.mccarron:

ms.mccarron christmas crochet Crochet potholders from nesimerciger:

nesimerciger crochet potholders Crochet ripples and spirals from nessbombaert:

nessbombaert crochet ripples nessbombaert crochet spirals nessbombaert crochet spirals 2 Crochet shell and more from oakherder:

oakherder crochet shell basket oakherder crochet shell basket 2 oakherder crochet shell basket 3 oakherder crochet with catCrochet squirrels from pattihaskins:

pattihaskins crochet squirrelsRainbow ripple crochet from pinklimecrafts:

pinklimecrafts crochet ripples Crochet flower art from queen_babs:

queen_babs blocking crochet queen_babs crochet flower queen_babs crochet flower 2 queen_babs crochet flowers Crochet hat from rachconcan:

rachconcan crochet hat Crochet owl from ruthmariamaddock:

ruthmariamaddock crochet owl Crochet mandalas from sakurablythe:

sakurablythe crochet mandala sakurablythe crochet starflower mandala Crochet striped blanket from samyaun:

samyaun crochet blanket samyaun crochet blanket stripes 2 samyaun crochet striped blanket Christmas tree skirt from sapphire314:

sapphire314 christmas crochet sapphire314 crochet christmas tree skirt 2 Crochet jackets, fingerless gloves and hats from shara_made:

shara_made crochet cardi shara_made crochet cardi 2 shara_made crochet cardigan shara_made crochet fingerless gloves shara_made crochet hat shara_made crochet hat 2 shara_made crochet jacket shara_made rainbow crochet jacket Crochet scarves from stelcrochet:

stelcrochet crochet grey stelcrochet crochet scarf stelcrochet crochet scarf 2 stelcrochet crochet scarf 3 stelcrochet crochet scarf 4 stelcrochet crochet scarf 5 Fuzzy crochet WIP and crochet Sheepjes CAL squares from stephaniedavies:

stephaniedavies crochet fuzzy stephaniedavies crochet square stephaniedavies crochet square 2 Crochet blanket with kitty from stitchyimpressions:

stitchyimpressions crochet blanket with cat Crochet wreath, cowl, heart and more from sweet_sharna_makes:

sweet_sharna_makes crochet christmas wreath sweet_sharna_makes crochet christmas wreath 1 sweet_sharna_makes crochet collage sweet_sharna_makes crochet cowl sweet_sharna_makes crochet heart sweet_sharna_makes crochet red sweet_sharna_makes crochet red cushion sweet_sharna_makes crochet red granny sweet_sharna_makes crochet stars sweet_sharna_makes crochet stocking wip sweet_sharna_makes crochet stockings sweet_sharna_makes crochet t-shirt yarn snowflake sweet_sharna_makes crochet taxidermy 3 sweet_sharna_makes crochet taxidermy wip sweet_sharna_makes taxidermy crochet Crochet star stitch,, hats and turkey from thegirllovesyarn:

thegirlloves yarn crochet star stitch thegirllovesyarn crochet basketweave thegirllovesyarn crochet hat thegirllovesyarn crochet ninja turtle hats thegirllovesyarn crochet turkey Crochet blanket with cat from thedorsetfinca:

theorsetfinca crochet ripple blanket with cat Crochet fingerless gloves from tintocktap:

tintocktap crochet fingerless gloves Crochet baby dress from travelingchic04:

travelingchic04 crochet baby dress Crochet mandalas from wendysquiltsandmore:

wendysquiltsandmore crochet purple mandalaCrochet cowls from woolyana:

woolyana christmas crochet cowl woolyana crochet cowl woolyana crochet scarf Crochet acorn hat, Christmas tree and pumping pie from yarnfreak:

yarnfreak crochet acorn hat yarnfreak crochet christmas tree yarnfreak crochet pumpkin pie Crochet blanket from zeyzeykit:

zeyzeykit crochet blanket



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My Crochet on Instagram

This week on Instagram I shared various WIPs, a set of thread crochet friendship bracelets I made, several crochet blankets, a baby hat spotted on the street and some more of the vintage wearable art from the book Art to Wear.

broomstick lace crochet chunky crochet cowl crochet baby hat crochet blanket crochet blanket 1 crochet blanket 2 crochet blanket 3 crochet fringe ends dione christensen vintage mixed media crochet art voat linda mendelson crochet art post stitch crochet blanket thread crochet bow thread crochet bracelets thread crochet bracelets 1 thread crochet ends

Join me on Instagram.

Remember to keep tagging your photos so that people can continue to see your crochet by looking at #crochetconcupiscence and #crochetsavedmylife. These roundups will be back in January!


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!

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