2014 crochet tutorials

Every weekend I post a Link Love roundup of the best crochet information and patterns from around the web. I’ve been looking through this year’s posts so far and decided it would be a good idea to aggregate some of the patterns into themes to make them easier to find. Today I’ve got a collection of the best free crochet tutorials from 2014 so far.

Crochet Stitch Tutorials

front post double crochet stitch

@fiberflux shares how to do the front post double crochet stitch

crochet tile stitch

@mooglyblog shared how to crochet the Moroccan Tile Stitch when working in the round

crochet rick rack

By Hook shared the instructions for Rick Rack Crochet Stitch

crochet stitch

How to Crochet Spike Stitch via @aboutcrochet


How to Crochet the Twin V Stitch via @mooglyblog

crochet shell stitch

@aboutcrochet shared links to several different crochet shell stitch instructions including how to treble shell stitch

crochet cable pineapples

How to Crochet Cabled Pineapples via @crochetkitten

crochet shell

Shell Stitch with a Front Post Single Crochet Edging by Interlocking Crochet

bpdc stitch

How to Work the Back Post Double Crochet Stitch (Photo + Video Tutorial) via @fiberflux

crochet moss stitch

How to Crochet Moss Stitch AKA Granite Stitch via @mooglyblog

linked double treble crochet stitch

Linked Double Treble Crochet Stitch via @crochetspot

crochet griddle stitch

Crochet griddle stitch by @mooglyblog

FHDC stitch

How to Half Double Foundation Crochet via @mooglyblog

crochet tutorial

How to Crochet: Foundation Linked Double Treble Crochet (Fldtr) via @crochetspot

foundation double crochet

How to Foundation Double Crochet (Increases and Decreases) via @mooglyblog

How to Tunisian Crochet

tunisian simple stitch

How to Crochet Tunisian Simple Stitch via @websyarnstore

tunisian crochet

How to Tunisian Treble Crochet via @crochetspot

crochet velocity shawl

How to Crochet Tunisian Even Stitch by @AGMode via @crochetme

Crochet Motif Tutorials

crochet granny circle

Over on Crochet Today I shared my own tutorials including how to crochet a granny rectangle and how to crochet a granny triangle in the round

crochet potholders

Quick idea for turning unused crochet motifs into decorative potholders from @websyarnstore

granny square corners

Suz Place shares this wonderful tutorial for how to add granny square corners to a crochet mandala motif

Crochet Project Tutorials

crochet squares

How to Single Crochet Join Squares via @aboutcrochet

chainless starting crochet

Chainless Starting Treble Crochet by @mooglyblog

invisible crochet

How to invisible decrease in single crochet by @websyarnstore

crochet squares

How to Join as You Go Crochet by Color n Cream

crochet magic ring

@mooglyblog has a great tutorial on chainless starting double crochet in the magic ring

crochet ends

How to Weave Ends into Lace with a Clean Finish via @crochetme

crochet edging

@sandracherryhrt shares how she saved shrunken socks with a crochet upcycle

crochet buttons

How to Crochet Buttons by Cozy Things

knit look crochet hat

How to get a knit look with double crochet via Cats Rockin

crochet edged card

Crochet-edged card tutorial via @repeatcrafterme; a cool new variation on some of the ones I saw when putting together my roundup of crochet + paper ideas

Other Crochet Tutorials

crochet scarf pattern

@AboutCrochet shared Mirror-Imaging: An Intriguing Crochet Technique for Use With Shell Stitches along with some helpful tips for working with symmetrical crochet projects.

crochet chain

Interweave’s @crochetmedaily shared 3 ways to work into a foundation chain in crochet

rubber band crochet

How to Crochet with Rubberbands by @simplysweetcreations

crochet dna tutorial

How to Crochet DNA with Proper Chirality via @jessicapolka

yarn calculation

How to Calculate How Much Yarn You Need by @freshstitches

crochet embroidery

ReveDreams offers a four-part tutorial for embroidering on crochet, spotted via @CraftGossip

crochet ruffles

How to Add Ruffles to Crochet Patterns from Stitch and Unwind

crochet plastic canvas

How to Crochet on Plastic Canvas on Portuguese crochet blog Falando de Crochet spotted via @craftypod

double crochet edges

Mamachee shares how to clean up edges on double crochet squares and rectangles


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