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Sundays on Crochet Concupiscence are when we celebrate the best crochet on Instagram. Want to get a chance to be featured here? Learn more.

Your Crochet on Instagram

This week’s featured instagrammer is Bethshananne. Her bio on Instagram shares that she is a Crochet -crazy, jewellery making grandma, living in Connemara, on the wild west coast of lreland” who has an “ambition:- to keep creating beautiful things … ” And she definitely does create beautiful things, which she shares on Instagram. I love her crochet work, which has great details and embellishments and beautiful color choices. I also love her other photos especially the jewelry images, which are always set against terrific backgrounds for a great finished image. You cna explore more of this Irish gal’s creations on Etsy. Here were Instagram crochet shares with us this week:

bethshananne crochet cardigan

bethshananne crochet gloves

bethshananne crochet shoes

And here are the other great Instagram crochet images that were tagged for the blog this week:

From CaswellJones:

caswelljones colorful crochet

caswelljones crochet art

caswelljones crochet pillow embellishments

From Forever__Autumn__:

foreverautumn crochet blanket

foreverautumn crochet

From Sapphire314:

sapphire bunting crochet

sapphire crochet afghan

sapphire crochet

And from others:

creszens crochet

From @creszens_at_hk

crochetali shirt

From @crochet_ali

frecklesinthefog crochet

From @frecklesinthefog

lovetoloop crochet

From @lovetoloop

pollypet crochet

from @polly_pet

My Crochet on Instagram

crochet granny square

Crochet granny square using indie yarn

crochet blanket

Crochet baby blanket detail

storefront yarn

Yarn display in Fillmore Street storefront with mannequin and window reflections

crochet blanket

New large granny square crochet blanket WIP (and below, a detail of the stitching of the blue yarn which is a fuzzy mohair blend)

crochet blanket

olek crochet art

Regram of new Olek Crochet Art yarnbombing

crochet blanket

Large granny square crochet baby blanket

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