crochet clay tutorial

The boho style of crochet is especially popular during the summer months. I just made my own boho vibe necklace using handmade polymer clay beads and the little-used bullion crochet stitch. It reminds me of the traditional hemp and bead jewelry that people often wear at summer music festivals. I used the lightweight, color-rich Souffle Clay, to make my beads and used a two-strand crochet technique for the necklace. Here’s how I did it:

crochet necklace tutorial

Polymer Clay Beads Tutorial

I used a simple approach to creating a colorful look for my Polymer beads using Premo Soufflé Clay and Sculpey tools. Here’s the how to:

Step One:


Use the Sculpey Super Slicer to slice off pieces of each color of clay that you want to use in your bead. Slice them into slightly different shapes and sizes. This clay comes in a variety of different bold colors that will match any trendy wardrobe. Be creative in your color selection.

Step Two:

stacked clayStack the colored pieces of clay that you’ve cut randomly upon one another. Let some pieces stick out in different directions. Then press the stack together lightly. If you smoosh it up too much then you get more of a single blended color so you want to just press it lightly. Finally, fold the stack in half upon itself.

Step Three:

clay beads

Use the Super Slicer again to cut the new colored bead in half. When you open it up, you’ll see the beautiful colors swirling together. You can slice this into further small pieces to make small beads. And you can take the small beads and press them back together to make larger beads. For example, I sliced one piece here into three pieces, turned them on their sides to expose the color work and then pressed them back together to make the big bead that’s the center of my necklace. This clay is super lightweight so it’s perfect for jewelry especially if you want to make bigger beads like this.

Step Four:


Finally, use the Sculpey blunt point tool to poke a hole into the clay so that the bead can go onto our necklace. I found that it’s best to poke a whole all the way through, remove the tool and then place it through the hole going the opposite direction to get a smooth hole for your bead.

Once the beads are ready, you need to bake them in the oven following the directions on your clay. Mine baked for half an hour on 275 and then I let them sit overnight to cool and further harden before I made my necklace. The clay was really easy to work with and the beads came out perfect for making jewelry. It has a sued-like finish that gives off a really polished finished look, which was nice to see since I haven’t worked with clay a lot and wasn’t sure if it would be this easy.

Crochet Necklace Tutorial

Once your beads are ready, you can lay them out into the design that you want for your necklace and make the necklace portion of the tutorial.

Step One:

crochet necklace tutorialWe’re going to hold two strands of yarn together and crochet a chain for our necklace. I chose blue and yellow, two of the colors that are included in my beads. I used an F crochet hook. I crocheted a chain the length that I wanted for my necklace … in this case it was eighty chains.

Step Two:

crochet necklace stranding

Next it’s time to strand the beads onto the necklace. I placed them in the order that I wanted them and added them to the necklace from the opposite end of where the hook is. I left approximate spaces where I wanted my bullions to go as I move forward with the crochet work. In my case I have five beads all evenly spaces from one another but of course you can adjust this to your liking.

Step Three:

Single crochet in each chain all the way up to the first bead.

Step Four:

crochet beads

Crochet over the first bead. In the case of this little bead, I was able to just do a regular single crochet over it. If your bead is too tall, you can chain one and then single crochet in the space next to the bead.

Step Five:

crochet bullion

Now it’s time to work the bullion. The bullion is worked by doing yarn over eight times, inserting the hook into the next stitch, and pulling the yarn all the way through all of the loops on the hook at once. Crochet Today has a good bullion stitch tutorial if you’ve never made one.

crochet bullion

I chose to do two single crochets, then my bullion, then two more single crochets, then another bullion, then crochet over the next bead. How you do it will depend on the space and number of bullions you want between each of your beads. Note: you could also mix in other jewelry embellishments like ribbons and crystals.

crochet bullions

Step Six:

crochet necklace tutorial

Repeat the bullions between beads and crochet over all of your beads. When you’ve crocheted over all of the beads, single crochet to the end. Slip stitch the two ends of the necklace together to close the necklace (assuming you’ve made it long enough to slip over your head; if not then you’ll need to find an alternative closure method).

crochet necklace

There’s your beads and bullions clay and crochet necklace!

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