Umbrella, parasol, sunshade … whatever you call it, it looks better in crochet! These crochet umbrellas might not protect you from the rain but they are the perfect creative project for a rainy day! They also work as shade from the sun, a cute addition to a costume or just decoration for the home.

1. Red Crochet Umbrella

crochet red umbrella

Ira Rott sells the crochet pattern for this pretty red parasol. Seeking a sexier red umbrella? Check out this one or this one.

2. Stained Glass Crochet Umbrella

stained glass crochet umbrella1

Babukatorium‘s signature rainbow colors here are edged with thick black lines that make this crochet umbrella look like beautiful stained glass! She has several other beautiful crochet umbrellas, too, which you can check out on Flickr.

3. The Crochet Wedding Umbrella

crochet wedding umbrella

One of my very favorite crochet umbrellas is this one, which was featured previously in my roundup of crochet wedding accessories.

4. Doily on Umbrella

doily umbrella

We’ve also seen this umbrella before, in my roundup of upcycled doily ideas.

5. Rainbow Crochet Umbrella

rainbow crochet umbrella1

I spotted this one on Pinterest. I couldn’t find the original source although one link said it was from Craftster.

6. Spider Web Umbrella

crochet spider web umbrella

PixieWorx, also known as Aberrant Crochet, has a pattern for making a giant crochet spiderweb that can be added to a plain old umbrella.

7. Black Crochet Umbrella

black crochet umbrella

Etsy’s kolus79 sells crochet umbrellas for all ages in all colors. I like this classy black one.

8. Filet Crochet Umbrella

filet crochet umbrella

This filet crochet umbrella was spotted on a Slovak blog.

9. Retro Crochet Umbrella

retro crochet umbrella

Etsy’s 2ndlookvintage sells the vintage crochet pattern for this retro crochet umbrella and matching swimsuit.

10. Crochet Umbrella with Pompoms

embellished crochet umbrella

Etsy’s danabaldwin says this art umbrella is inspired by Frida Kahlo. It’s embellished with pompoms for some extra pop.

11. Classy Grey Parasol

grey crochet umbrella

I love the sophisticated classiness of this grey crochet umbrella sold on Etsy by solva.

12. Basic Lace Crochet Umbrella

crochet umbrellas

This ecru-colored crochet umbrella sold by Etsy’s kroowka looks just as good when it’s closed up as it does when it’s open.

13. Pinwheel Crochet Parasol

pinwheel crochet parasol

I love the central pinwheel design on this crochet umbrella sold by Etsy’s Kejla.

14. Bridal Umbrella

romantic crochet umbrella

Here’s another crochet umbrella that would work for a bride, a flower girl or just as part of the wedding decor. It’s from Etsy’s Apiifolia.

15. Upcycled Crochet Umbrella

upcycled crochet umbrella

Where Is She Now explains how to take an old crochet tablecloth, attach it to an umbrella frame and get a work of art.

Where could you use a crochet umbrella?


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


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  4. Annette Rogers Reply

    Where do you get your umbrella frames? Having difficulty finding some

  5. EliseMooijman Reply

    Hi I am writing an article about the use of crochet umbrella’s in weddings could you tell me when crochet umbrella’s became popular (in weddings) and how popular the making of crochet umbrella’s is? I hope you have the answers for me!

  6. CrochetBlogger Reply

    EliseMooijman That’s a great question!! I actually don’t have any info on the history of crochet umbrellas. I do know that they aren’t among the most popular items to crochet. The first time I did the roundup it was hard to find patterns or even examples of crochet umbrellas but this time was easier so maybe they’re seeing a comeback. I’ll let you know if I find out anything else and I’d love to know more about your article!!

    • I think umbrellas was most popular in the Victorian times. just my thought .

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  8. Mary Johnson Reply

    Do you know where to find rib tips/caps for vintage umbrella/ parasol frames? The frame I have is complete except for the tips and I can’t find them anywhere online. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • Kathryn Reply

      Oh that’s a good question. I would have assumed someone on Etsy would have them but I’ve never looked for them myself.

  9. where can i fine a umbrella crochet patterns be side pinterst? thanks mildred Reply

    have the hand part just need the cover and i like the lloks of the crochet thanks mildred

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