Details of work from 12 Freeform artists, see the work in full here

Every year the memebers of the International Freeform Crochet Guild participate in a challenge to create a work of freeform art around a certain theme. The end result is an online art exhibit and a printed book. Thanks to a post over on Stitch Lily I found out that the most recent challenge, to create freeform crochet pieces inspired by music and art, is complete and ready for viewing.

7th Annual Freeform Challenge

This is the seventh year of the International Freeform Crochet Guild Challenge. The previous six themes, which you can look at online, were:

  • 2006: Sixty Odd
  • 2007: Earth Air Fire Water
  • 2008: Through Our Eyes
  • 2009: Four Seasons
  • 2010: Somewhere in My World
  • 2011: Mythologies, Stories and Fairy Tales
Picasso-inspired freeform crochet art by Bonnie Prokopowicz

For 2012 the theme was Inspired: Music and Art in Fiber. The idea was to interpret a piece of music or art in freeform including at least some knit or crochet in the final piece.

Freeform art inspired by Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Zoey Daws

You can visit the work of each of these artists on the website. It is also all collected in a book that is now available through Blurb for about $30.

The 48 Freeform Artists

Art Chair by Denise Royal inspired by Munch’s The Scream

48 artists participated in the 2012 challenge:

1. Akua Lezli Hope

2. Andrea Lyn Van Benschoten

3. Barbara Pretzsch

4. Barbara Wunder Hynes

5. Bonnie Pierce

6. Bonnie Prokopowicz

7. Brigitte Sieber

8. Cyra Lewis

9. Daiva Kairyte Houston

10. Denise Royal

11. Fermin Coronado

12. Frances Covey

13. Gayla Lau

14. Gwen Blakley Kinsler

15. Jude Butterworth

16. Karen Stevens

17. Kathie Cureington

18. Kesam Katz

19. Leslie Abbott

20. Leslie Nelle-Urinyi

21. Liz Keltie

22. Liz Taylor

23. Loren Gaggini

24. Lou Bor

25. Lynn Berry/Margaret Knight

26. Lynne M Mack

27. Lynda Morgan

28. Margaret Moore

29. Melba Vincent

30. Mitsuko Tonouchi

31. Nancy LoVecchio

32. Nanette M Sarquiz

33. Noreen Crone-Findlay

34. Orla Breslin

35. Paulette Jones

36. Pauline Tonkin

37. Perry Lowell Bent

38. Pirkko Vega

39. Prudence Mapstone

40. Rita Summers

41. Sharon Maher

42. Stefanie Spikell

43. Suzanne Barr

44. Tia M M Hegstad

45. Tonya Wilson

46. Valerie Halcrow

47. Veronica Smith

48. Zoey Daws

I’ll be honest; I only know the work of a handful of these artists, like Gwen Blakley Kinsler and Prudence Mapstone. But I can’t wait to learn more about all of the others!


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