10 Most Adorable Animals Outfitted in Crochet

You’ve seen me put puppies in crochet but they aren’t the only pets that people make crochet cozy cuteness for. In fact, animals don’t even need to be pets to get decked out in crochet. Here are ten different animals looking cute in their crochet coziness:

1. Injured Kitten Crochet

crochet kitten mushroom

This little kitten was injured by a crow and rescued and was adorned with this little crochet mushroom costume during the healing process. It was to keep her still during her feeding tube time. Sadly I learned that she died a few months later but what cuteness while they tried to save her.

2. Crochet for Tortoise Shells

turtle shell crochet

Katie Bradley makes colorful tortoise shell crochet covers … and a bunch of others are following her lead.

3. Penguin Crochet Jumpers

knitted crochet penguin

Actually, the ones that are seen here are knitted but the organization that put out the call for these also accepts crochet penguin cozies. They’re used for penguins healing from oil spills. The fact that this call went viral was controversial because the organization doesn’t actually need that many handcrafted penguin cozies right now but I still think it’s a great article – not only because of total cuteness but also because it raises awareness of the issue of oil spills affecting our wildlife.

I received an email explaining:

“Please know that we do not urgently require little penguin jumpers for rehabilitation, we have a good supply of these which we use on any rescued oiled penguins and in the event of an oil spill, these jumpers are also sent to other wildlife rescue centres if required. If you are interested, we do encourage participation in our Knits for Nature program and we accept all donations (wool, cotton, bamboo, acrylic or a blend) at any time, each are put to good use in a way that supports little penguin conservation on Phillip Island.”

4. Crochet Snail Cozy

crochet snail

I shared this on the blog the other day; it was shared with me on Facebook via Jaime’s Garden Shop.

5. Crochet for Harassed Hens

crochet hen sweater

Crochet hen sweater pattern for hens being pecked by roosters

6. Crochet Guinea Pig Cuteness

crochet guinea pig sweater

Crochet guinea pig sweater free pattern

crochet guinea pig hat

And guinea pig in a crochet hat

7. Bearded Dragon Sports Fan

crochet lizard sweater

Crochet cozy for a bearded dragon

8. Rabbit Sweaters?

knit rabbit sweater

I was able to find a number of knit rabbit sweaters but none in crochet. There has to be one out there somewhere. Anyone?

9. Crochet Goat Cozies

crochet goat sweaters

Crochet goat sweater pattern 

crochet goat

And another crochet goat sweater pattern

10. Puppies

I can’t leave out the pups that we put in crochet. Here is Betty and then Lucy from my life:

pet crochet

lucy crochet pet shrug

Bonus: More Kitty Cuteness

crochet candy corn kitten

Candy Corn Kitten Crochet Sweater

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  1. frankplusmargie  I love plants, too, but have a lot of trouble keeping them alive so I made my own crochet versions for my home: http://www.crochetconcupiscence.com/2013/07/repotting-for-the-brown-thumb-my-crochet-flowers/

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