20 Best 2014 Crochet Hat Patterns

crochet hat patterns 2014

Every weekend I post a Link Love roundup of the best crochet information and patterns from around the web. I’ve been looking through this year’s posts so far and decided it would be a good idea to aggregate some of the patterns into themes to make them easier to find. Today I’ve got a collection of the best crochet hat patterns so far in 2014.

Cats Rockin Crochet Hat Patterns

Cats Rockin is one of the leading providers of crochet hat patterns right now. Check these out:

crochet hat pattern

Free Fans Crochet Beanie Pattern

crochet baby hat pattern

Baby Kisses Crochet Hat Pattern

crochet hat free pattern

Free crochet hat pattern

crochet beret free pattern

Free crochet beret hat pattern

crochet hat pattern

Two Faces free crochet adult hat pattern

crochet hat pattern

A Piece of Pie free crochet hat pattern

Daisy Cottage Designs Crochet Hat Patterns

crochet sun hat free pattern

Crochet sun hat free pattern

crochet easter hat pattern

Spring Chick Hat free crochet pattern

crochet hat pattern

Fishbowl Crochet Hat free pattern

Other Crochet Hat Patterns

crochet hat pattern

Crochet Blocks Toddler Beanie, free crochet pattern from @olgalacycrochet

crochet star wars

Free Crochet Star Wars Hat Pattern by Dragonbird via @knithacker

free crochet valentine heart pattern

Free Crochet Hat Pattern @lionbrandyarn

crochet hat free pattern

Free crochet hat pattern from The Lazy Hobbyhopper

crochet fedora pattern

Crochet Fedora Pattern via @crochetkitten

crochet hat pattern

Baby Striped and Ribbed Band Hat Crochet Pattern free from My Recycled Bags for PURPLE baby crying awareness

crochet beret pattern

Little Red Crochet Mini-Beret free pattern by @twinkiechan

crochet baby hat

Crochet baby elephant hat free pattern by @RepeatCrafterMe on @AllFreeCrochet

crochet hat pattern

Free crochet hat pattern via @lionbrandyarn

crochet hat patterns

Parisian Sweetheart Slouch Pattern crochet toddler hat free pattern from @myhobbyiscroche

crochet hat pattern

Crochet summer hat pattern for sale from @ElkStudio_


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