How to Crochet with Glass

by Kathryn on August 2, 2013 · 3 comments

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I was just looking at a copy of a crochet booklet I’ve had for awhile now and am feeling super inspired by it so I thought I’d share it. It’s an Annie’s Attic booklet called Learn to Crochet with Glass How to Crochet with Glass.

A Simple Glass Crochet Concept

glass crochet suncatcher How to Crochet with Glass

Although I’ve had the book for awhile I hadn’t actually looked too closely at it. I love the idea of crocheting with glass but I thought it would probably be a complex process. I think that’s because I had in mind the type of glass crochet done by artists like Catherine Carr that actually involves doing the crochet itself with glass … or at the very least some detailed incorporation of glass beads into wire crochet, which I haven’t tried. Once I finally liked at the book, though, I discovered that all of the projects in the book are based on a really super simple glass crochet concept:

  • Get two matching metal rings that you will put back to back.
  • Crochet around the two metal rings, joining them partially together in the process.
  • Insert a piece of glass into the space between the two rings and finishing crochet to join the rings, essentially framing the glass with the crocheted rings.
  • Complete a pattern around one or more of these crocheted framed glass pieces to finish a project.

What a simple but awesome project process!

Glass Crochet Project Examples

Here are a few of the projects in the book that show how easy is to add a little crochet around a piece of framed crochet glass to make something really interesting:

IMG 0928 600x803 How to Crochet with Glass

This crochet cross bookmark is a great example of the concept of the book. Basically you crochet around two square rings, insert the glass and then join crochet square motifs around that to create the cross.

crochet glass jewelry How to Crochet with Glass

This shows how you can crochet two circular rings around glass and then use basic jewelry materials to create rings, earrings a necklace.

crochet glass placemat How to Crochet with Glass

A large crochet granny square becomes a stunning placemat when you add crochet flowers with glass bead centers.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 How to Crochet with Glass

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Thanks for the nice comments about my book! You clearly expressed what people think when they hear the words "crochet with glass". For years, I had a vision of incorporating glass with crochetand couldn't quite get it to happen...then, literally, I woke up one more and the idea just hit me!...two rings smaller than the glass is all I'd need to make it happen! I crocheted project after project then decided to contact Annie's Attic with my idea....thus, the book came to life. I'd love to see any projects that you've made with this concept. Georgia Wild

Lynda M O
Lynda M O

Love these ideas. Esp the last one with the granny square then decorated - very pretty.

CrochetBlogger moderator

@gawild Thanks so much for writing in!! I think you've produced something super creative and unique with this book and was thrilled to share it with others.

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