Top 10 Gifts to Give this Holiday Season


custom motox smartphone

It’s always fun to put together lists of gift ideas so I’m happy to be doing that for today’s sponsored blog post. Here are ten top gifts to give this holiday season:

1. Custom Moto X Smartphone

custom motox smartphone

Since this is what the sponsored post is for, let me tell you a bit more about it! Moto X, Motorola’s fully customizable smartphone can be designed to reflect the true personal style of the person you are gifting it to. You visit the MotoMaker website to choose from thousands of different selections in the design process. I played around with it myself and it’s actually really fun and creative to come up with the perfect design for yourself or someone else!

custom motox smartphone

For my design, I went with tons of bright colors that remind me of some of my favorite crochet granny squares. You can add an engraving on the back with someone’s name or a message; I chose to add “Crochet Saves Lives”. You can also personalize a variety of things including the greeting, wall paper, amount of memory, phone case, etc. I added “Craft Daily” as my reminder greeting for engaging in regular meditative crochet. I added a wallpaper that reminds me of pigments used in the natural dyeing of yarn.

custom motox smartphone

The new Moto X is available for $99 with a two-year contract and $499 without a contract. Add $25 for the wood or leather backs.

9 Other Great Gifts

It was fun to customize my phone cover and it’s something I could see doing for someone else as a gift. But of course there are other great gift ideas as well. Here are nine more options:

  1. Handmade crochet items. You know that I love personal handmade gifts and especially those made with crochet. This year I gifted scarves and blankets to people. If you do give someone a phone like the new Moto X then you could also crochet a cozy to go along with it!
  2. Quick gifts in crochet bags. I also gifted wine, chocolates and candies to people but personalized those gifts inside of handmade crochet books for something a little bit more special.
  3. Gift cards inside crochet envelopes. This is the same idea of personalizing a basic gift with a little bit of crochet.
  4. Special date IOU. The holidays are busy and we don’t have as much time as we’d like to see everyone we love. Write out a special IOU for a date to the spa, a favorite restaurant or a movie and gift it to people you want to spend time with in the new year.
  5. Photos and albums. I always create a lot of little scrapbooks for people. In this digital age many people don’t print out their own photos anymore and they really appreciate receiving a framed photo or small album celebrating special times.
  6. Homemade food. Is there something special that you like to make each year? Whether it’s traditional Christmas cookies or a hearty soup that can be frozen and saved for later, food can be a great gift for those that you love. This year I sent my dad a special gift of the cookies and treats my grandmother made us each year before she passed away.
  7. Pet goodies. Pet owners often appreciate that you remember their furry friends at the holidays. I gave Christmas pet cookies to the pets in my life this year.
  8. Plants. If you know people who like plants then this is something that can be a great gift for the holidays. I gave one friend a bonsai tree this year and another a small novel moss plant. Personally I’d love to receive an air plant or a succulent terrarium!
  9. Handwritten card or letter. Sometimes the sweetest thing that you can give to someone is your kind heartfelt words sharing how you feel about them.

Don’t forget to also take care of yourself this holiday season!

sponsored blog post

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