The Art of Helle Jorgensen (Gooseflesh) – An Introduction

Born in Denmark and migrating to Australia with her family at a young age, Helle approaches her art form as a way to make sense of the world around her. She takes inspiration from the modern world and uses recycled materials, trash, rubbish she finds, driftwood, and almost anything else to create art that encourages people to look at the world around them more carefully and through another lens.

Some of her most prominent work consists of crocheting sea creatures from reclaimed wool and plarn (plastic bag yarn). What a powerful way to speak to the crisis of our waste production and the way it is killing our planet.

In addition to her crochet work, she does artistic collecting, embroidery, quilting, and drawing. According to a great interview at Chain Creative, she loves that crochet connects to so many things including the generations of the past, math, and science. She also likes that it lends itself well to sculpture work and that it offers a rhythmic experience that is meditative.

We’ve gathered some of her crochet pieces to show you here, but you can connect to her website for a full view of her portfolio. You can also see her artwork and get updates on her Instagram and Pinterest.

The Art of Helle Jorgensen

Welcome to the world of Helle Jorgensen, an artist who does beautiful work using reclaimed materials to create fresh takes on nature.

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