8 Fun Italian Language Crochet Blogs (Plus Some Yarnies Italians Should be Proud Of!)

I’ve already shared 24 different Spanish Language Crochet Blogs with you here on the blog. Spanish is one of my favorite languages, because it’s the only one other than English that I know but also because I think it’s got a really pretty lilt to it. However, it’s not the only language I love, nor is it the only foreign language I see on crochet blogs. Let’s look today at another beautiful language, Italian, and the crochet blogs written in Italian.

Italian Crochet Blogs

uncinetto blog

ElenaRegino Crochet a TuttoColore is a beautiful Italian blog (with a built-in language translator) that I love most for the bold beautiful colors it shows off. If you like the colorwork done by Attic 24, Bunny Mummy and Little Tin Bird then you’ll probably like Elena’s colorwork, too, although the tones differ slightly from what those bloggers usually use. You will find lots of crochet items shared here (finished and WIPS) along with tutorials for some of them. Her rag rug is one of my favorite items.

blog uncinetto

Franca from Vicenza crochets and shares beautiful crochet bags on the blog Uncinettando61. She also crochets other things, such as baskets, but its her bags that are the main focus. She also shares tidbits of her life although there’s no built in translator on the blog; I use Google’s translate option.

italian crochet

L’Uncinetto de Jessica is a crochet blog where the blogger shares her work and tells us about it. There’s a built-in translator on the site. You’ll see flowers, potholders and lots of other crochet items here. You can also see this Italian blogger’s work on Flickr.

crochet italian blog

Tereza Pfau Uncinetto is a short and sweet crochet share blog. You won’t find text here, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the Italian language. You’ll just find quick picks of fun-to-look-at crochet items. I should note that this blog has been pretty quite the past few months but last year there were times when the blogger didn’t post for awhile and then came back so I still think it’s worth bookmarking.

italian crocheting blog1

L’Uncinetto di Franca is another Italian crochet blog that rarely has text but is rich in photos. Here you’ll find lots of crochet flowers and crochet jewelry. Whereas Tereza Pfau Uncinetto is usually just a single photo per post, this one is rich in multiple photos per post.

italian crochet blog

La Mia Raccolta Schemi is a blog that collects crochet patterns from around the web and shares them in one place. Most of them are graphic/ symbol based and many are filet crochet style. There are some fun playful features on this blog, like your cursor arrow turns into a heart icon.

uncinetto crochet1

Copertine Ad Uncinetto looks to be the collaborative work of two bloggers: Kaduina and Claudia. What you will find here is a lot of great crochet items that have been made and shared with photos and text. You’ll also see participation in Cuore di Maglia, which is a group of needleworkers who make charity items for survivors of such tragedies as the Italian earthquake. (And if you follow that link, you’ll see that Cuore di Maglia also has a blog so you get a bonus!)

italian knitting blog

Emma Fassio is primarily a knitting blog (that includes free knitting patterns) but you’ll find some crochet sprinkled in every once in awhile. She shares photos, videos and thoughts on her creative works. This one is a bilingual blog where posts are shown in both Italian and English. Emma is on Twitter @EmmaFassio

Italian Crocheters Should be Proud Of:

giorgio armani

Italian Fashion Designer Giorgio Armani because he’s done great crochet in his collections!

ivano vitali recycled newspaper art

Italian artist Ivano Vitali who does amazing knit and crochet work with newspapers!

aldo lanzini crochet art

Italian crochet art Aldo Lanzini who does beautiful costume work.


Crochet artist Babukatorium who is based at least part-time in Italy.

schiaparelli crochet collar

Italian Fashion Designer Elsa Schiaparelli who did a little bit of crochet and a lot of great knitwear and has inspired crocheters around the globe with her work.

crochet menswear

Award Winning Fashion Designer Matteo Molinari whose great crochet menswear is inspired by his Italian heritage.

crochet yarns

Yarns of Italy is a U.S. based online yarn store that sources all of its amazing yarn direct from Italy.

In case you hadn’t figured it out, “crochet” in Italian is “uncinetto”. Tip: you can see some great Pinterest crochet boards by entering uncinetto in the board search area.

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