10 Portuguese Crochet Blogs: Creativity, Flair and Style

One of the amazing and beautiful things about crochet and the crochet community is its prevalence across the globe. Crochet truly speaks no language except the language of love and fiber and that can be enjoyed regardless of your position on the earth.

One of the best ways to enjoy crochet across the globe is by following crochet designers and lovers from all over. We’ve gathered blogs, influencers, and online communities that are Spanish-speaking, Italian, French, and now Portuguese.

Although Portuguese is spoken in many South American countries, Portugal is certainly a very active and well-known crochet country. It has a thriving fiber arts community and many crochet artists and designers hail from Portugal.

Portuguese Crochet Designers and Lovers to Follow

Here are 10 Portuguese crocheters you can follow on Instagram and on their respective websites and blogs. 

Hannah Ege

A life long crocheter and knitter, Hannah is a creative person who enjoys designing their own patterns while having deep appreciation and love for timeless designs. Hannah's first official job was in a yarn store as a teenager and even now they regularly knit and crochet for friends and commissioned pieces. When not busy with fiber, Hannah enjoys all things coffee, reading, hiking and spending time with their kid.

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