20 Patterns for Barefoot Sandals

20 Gorgeous Patterns for Barefoot Sandals to Dress Your Feet

Barefoot sandals are so much fun to wear and you can’t go wrong with these beautiful patterns for barefoot sandals! There is so much cuteness in this collection for barefoot lovers! These fun sandals add just a touch of cuteness to your feet and are great for the beach, yoga, weddings, etc or any other …

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20 Broomstick Lace Crochet Patterns

20 Beautiful Broomstick Lace Crochet Patterns You Must See

Broomstick lace is one of my very favorite types of crochet and I am loving these fabulous broomstick lace crochet patterns! Broomstick crochet is amazing because of it’s beautiful and unique stitches. I love how it looks and believe you will too! If you haven’t tried it, don’t worry! Broomstick crochet looks intimidating but once …

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30 Stylish Crochet Clothing Patterns

30 Stylish Crochet Clothing Patterns You Will Want to Make!

Crochet clothing requires more of an investment than many other projects – more yarn, more time and often more skill. But, you also get more of a reward when you finish a terrific crochet item that you can wear or gift to someone else. If you are wanting to try your hand at making clothing, we …

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20 Adorable MicroCrochet Patterns

20 Adorable MicroCrochet Patterns that are Simple and Easy

If you love super adorable MicroCrochet patterns you are going to fall in love with this collection! Oh my goodness. The cuteness is over the top and you will want to try several of these. And, why not? They are all easy to make with step by step instructions and can be worked up in …

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30 Beautiful Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns

30 Beautiful Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns You Must See!

If you are looking for beautiful crochet baby blanket patterns to work from, you simply must take a look at these. These soft crochet baby blankets are not only amazingly beautiful but the patterns are super easy to follow. Most are easy enough for beginners with a few intermediate level ones thrown in. However, I …

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20 Beautiful Crochet Curtain Patterns

20 Beautiful Crochet Curtain Patterns to Dress Your Windows

If you are looking to dress your windows why not make your own with these beautiful crochet curtain patterns? Curtains dress your windows and make them stand out but that doesn’t mean you have to pay a fortune for them. Why not make your own with these easy patterns? In this fabulous collection, you will …

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20 Crochet Patterns for Water Bottle Holders

20 Crochet Patterns for Water Bottle Holders for On the Go

If you are tired of lugging your water bottle around in your hand why not try one of the crochet patterns for water bottle holders? Staying hydrated has never been easier! These fun water bottle holders are perfect for on the go! From solid colors to multi-colored and fun holders with phone pockets and key …

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