Crochet Clocks: 22 Timeless Designs That Truly Tick

When I say you can crochet almost anything, I really mean it.  From picture frames to flip flops to umbrellas, the limit is your imagination and hook.  But did you know you can crochet time itself? 

Yes, you can now proudly display your crochet skills by making your own unique and personalized crochet clock!  From coo-coo clocks to beautiful Mandela designs to a basic trim around your $5 Walmart wall clock, there are so many beautiful crochet clocks out there that fully function for telling time. 

Here are 22 beautiful crochet clocks and patterns to inspire you as you create your own unique time! 

22 Timeless Crochet Clock Designs

Step into the enchanting world of crochet and witness the merging of artistry and functionality with our captivating collection of 22 timeless crochet clock designs.

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