Mermaids! Crochet Patterns and Inspiration


Yesterday I shared Katrina’s story of crafting as healing and included the above photo of her amigurumi mermaid. It made me think of all of the different crochet mermaids I’ve seen over the years and got me wondering why I never rounded them up before. So here they are, including crochet mermaid patterns and different examples of mermaid items that others have made.

 mermaid crochet stitchIlluminate Crochet has shared with us how to crochet mermaid stitch, which she uses in her Mermaid Cowl crochet pattern:

crochet cowl pattern

You can see that it is inspired by the sea!

addermccone crochet mermaid blanket

This mermaid stitch isn’t all that common but what is super common is the mermaid tail crochet blanket and baby cocoon. This version was crafted by addermccone on Instagram who previously shared it for one of the #crochetconcupiscence Insta roundups.

audra_hooknowl crochet mermaid

This version of the mermaid crochet tail was also shared in an Insta roundup. This one was crocheted in a single bright color by @audra_hooknowl.

lynjoror crochet mermaid

@lynjoro is another crafter who shared some of these makes with us  … Above we see a detail of the “scales” on the mermaid tail and below we see another one she crafted in a more complete state.

lynjoror crochet mermaid tail blanket

joyfuljaxcrochets.and.knits crochet mermaid tail

This version of a mermaid crochet tail in its beginning stages was made by @joyfuljaxcrochets.and.knits

nelnanandnora crochet mermaid cocoon

And here’s yet another one that was shared with us through Instagram, this one from @nelnanandnora

cuddlebugkids crochet mermaid doll

Of course, these crochet mermaid blankets and cocoons aren’t the only popular way to make mermaids. Amigurumi and dolls are popular choices as well. The example above seems to be a regular doll that has been dressed up with yarn hair and a mermaid bikini. This one is by @cuddlebugkids.

stitchyimpressions crochet mermaid

Here is a small mermaid crochet doll that was crafted by StitchyImpressions in a more traditional amigurumi style. I love that she is posed lying down.

mermaid zombie crochet by kim.sofia1

Amigurumi crochet mermaids don’t have to always be cute. They could, instead, be a bit creepy like these mermaid crochet zombies by Kim’s Creepy Creations.

cozytoesizes_crochet crochet mermaid baby

Crochet mermaid tails make really cute costumes, as we can see here in this example that was made by @cozytoesizes_crochet on Instagram

mermaid crochet cocoon

And here is a terrific example of a simple cute crochet mermaid tail crafted by Debi of DLY’s Hooks and Yarns

crochet mermaid

Crochet Mermaid Costume for baby free from Wichecraft

crochet skirt

Babies can wear complete mermaid tails because they are carried around but if you want a cute costume / outfit for an adult then you need an open-bottomed skirt such as this mermaid-inspired crochet skirt that is offered as a free pattern from Crochet Kitten.

thom browne crochet dress

Or if you are an adult then perhaps this mermaid crochet dress from the  Spring 2013 Thom Browne collection is a better choice.

olek crochet mermaid

And if you really love mermaids, you might want to turn the idea into crochet art, like we saw Olek do with her art shown in Spain.


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