Christelle of Stelcrochet: Once-Active South African Blogger

A once-active blogger, crafter, and content creator, Christelle began crocheting in 2011. She started her blog that same year, Haak-en-stekie, where she shared crochet projects she was working on and other creators and crafters she admired.

Living in Pretoria, South Africa at the time of her blogging, Christelle created online spaces that gave South African crochet communities a place to exchange crochet tips and skills and make connections.

Christelle shared some fun things about herself on her blog, including that she loves her laugh lines, which is good because she would never get Botox due in part to having ocular myasthenia gravis. Christelle loves her two boys, reading, training, and drinking cappuccinos.

Although Christelle no longer actively blogs, the Facebook group she started called Ons Hekel is still an active and thriving online community.

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