19 Lovely Examples of Crochet Jewelry to Admire and Try

Have you ever made or worn any crochet jewelry? You may be picturing items made from the thicker worsted-weight yarn that is often used for blankets or clothing, and while there are definitely plenty of great chunky crochet jewelry items out there, today we are taking a look at something different.

By making use of tiny crochet hooks and thread instead of yarn, it’s possible to use crochet techniques to craft some truly lovely and delicate pieces of jewelry.

Crochet jewelry can be elegant enough for a wedding or versatile enough for everyday wear, and there’s a pattern available to suit every skill level. Check out some of our favorite examples of beautiful crochet jewelry and try a few of these patterns for yourself!

Lovely Crochet Jewelry: 19 Examples

Get your tiny hooks, seed beads, and thread ready- it's time to crochet some jewelry! This collection features patterns and ready-made items that use crochet techniques to create dainty, unique, and beautiful jewelry pieces that will suit any wardrobe.

Kelsey Mlnarik

Kelsey has been a crafter since childhood and enjoys crochet, sewing, and any craft she can make with her children. She loves learning new techniques and sharing what she learns along the way. Kelsey someday hopes to be someone's crafty grandmother, crocheting afghans and drinking entire pots of coffee.

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