85+ Inspiring Ideas for Crochet Pillows

Yesterday we took a look at 30 crochet pillow patterns. Sometimes it also helps to just look at what other people have crocheted to get inspiration so here are some fabulous crochet pillows that people have shared with us. If you see an @name then you can find that person under that name over on Instagram, where the photo was originally shared with the #crochetconcupiscence tag.

momo_the_wonderful crochet cow pillow

Crochet cow cushion by @momo_the_wonderful. What a cute way to add on to a basic square pillow and make it a character!

Ohio crochet pillow by Jeanne Szymczak

I shared this Ohio crochet pillow by Jeanne Szymczak in my recent post for my dad’s birthday

big hook crochet pillow

This basketweave pillow is one of my favorite patterns in the Big Hook Crochet book

oliviartcreations crochet fried egg pillow

Crochet fried egg pillow by Oliviartcreations who has tons of great crochet art pillows. This moose is also hers:

oliveiartcreations crochet moose pillow

Again, this shows how you make a basic square pillow then add-on some elements to make it an animal pillow. I hope this inspires you!

nuransabry crochet pillow

Granny square crochet pillow by @nuransabry

nickymirandacrochet crochet lace pillows

Set of crochet pillows by @nickymirandacrochet. They’re made in different stitches and motifs but tied together into a collection by color.

kileygo crochet monkey pillow

Monkey crochet pillow made by @kileygo

hezhart crochet squares pillow

Crochet circle-in-a-square pillow made by @hezhart

louizamakes crochet pillow

Crochet-backed cushion by @louiza_makes

jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crochet pillows

Set of terrific crochet pillows by @jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy

marretjeroos crochet pillow

Beautiful floral crochet cushion from the wonderful @marretjeroos

sweet_sharna crochet owl pillows

Crochet owl cushions from @sweet_sharna

cuddlebugkids crochet pillows

Crochet applique pillows by @cuddlebugkids … aren’t these just the cutest?! And great for kids to learn reading, too.

dojocrochet crochet pillow

Button-closure crochet pillow from @dojocrochet

crochetzoneblog crochet pillow

@crochezoneblog shared this crochet cushion; they have lots of great crochet patterns over there

flamingpot crochet donut pillow

Crochet donut pillow by @flamingpot

woolyana crochet pillows

These crochet pillows are from @woolyana … I love how they show that a different color of edging can create a totally different design impact on a motif-based crochet pillow.

sweet_sharna_makes crochet chevron pillow

Retro chevron crochet pillow from @sweet_sharna

missmotherhook crochet pillow

Round crochet pillow from @missmotherhook

cuteashook crochet pillow

Colorful striped bobble crochet pillow from @cuteashook

caswelljones crochet pillow

caswelljones crochet pillow

Star flower crochet cushions from @caswelljones

bechancer crochet pillow

Granny square crochet cushion from @bechancer

missmotherhook crochet pillows

More crochet pillows from @missmotherhook


Crochet animal cushion from @gigididthis

crochet pillow

Sarah Goldschadt granny square crochet pillow

instagram crochet

Fun fur crochet pillow that I made

susan morrow crochet pillow

Crochet art pillow by 1970s artist Susan Morrow

stained glass crochet pillow

Stained glass crochet pillow by DaisyBeth

cross stitch crochet pillow

Cross-stitch + crochet pillow by Just Jen

crochet pillow

The pattern for this great crochet pillow can be found in the book Crochet At Home by Brett Bara

1960s crochet animal pillow

Crochet snake pillow in a 1965 issue of McCall’s. It also had a monkey crochet pillow:

1960s crochet monkey pillow

puppy vs crochet pillow

Puppy vs. granny square crochet pillow

jute crochet pillow

Jute crochet spa pillow by Ralph Lauren

math crochet pillow

Dihedral granny pillow, an example of crochet + math

crochet heart pillow

Anatomical heart crochet pillow by Sarah Louise Burns

crochet motif pillows

Crochet covered pillows I spotted at Cafe Mimosa in Topanga Canyon, LA

crochet pretzels

Crochet pretzel pillows by Twinkie Chan

granny square pillows

Granny Square Pillows from Castaway Collection

crochet pillow

This crochet pillow pattern is in the book Cute & Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench

sweet_sharna crochet flower cushion

Floral granny crochet pillow by @sweet_sharna

elisabethandree crochet cushion

I love the gentle colors on this crochet cushion from @elisabethandree

stelcrochet crochet and knit cushion

Knit and crochet pillow spotted by @stelcrochet

marretjeroos crochet colorful cushion

Colorful triangles crochet cushion by @marretjeroos

elenoudi crochet blooming flower cushion

Blooming flower cushion made by @elenoudi; this is made using the popular free crochet pattern

granny crochet cushion

Granny crochet floor cushion in the book Modern Granny Square Crochet and More

luadprata crochet cushion

Diagonal stripes crochet cushion from @luadprata

makingpolly crochet rectangle cushion

Rectangle granny crochet pillow by @makingpolly

louizamakes crochet owl cushion

Crochet owl cushion from @louiza_makes

littleshopofknots crochet granny cushion

Crochet granny motif cushion from @littleshopofknots

hanrosieg crochet cushion

Mixed media crochet cushion from @hanrosieg

ektelykke crochet cushion

Quilted and crocheted cushions from @ektelykke

kellyandcrochet crochet colorful cushion

Pastel squares crochet cushion from @kellyandcrochet

tinachalks crochet cushion granny colorful

Crochet granny rectangle cushion from @tinachalks

gooseberryfool crochet cushion

Crochet-edged pillow by @gooseberryfool

_._._heartherhart_._._ crochet cushion


rafsweetheart crochet cushion

@rafsweetheart made this lovely green crochet pillow that would look good with or without the flowers

missmotherhook crochet pom cushion

More goodness from @missmotherhook

louloudeane crochet cushion

Crochet chevron cushion from @louloudeane

knitpurlhook colorful crochet squares cushion

Crochet mini-squares pillow from @knitpurlhook

babagabaa crochet cushion

I love the way there’s a little star on just one square of this cushion by @babagabaa

littlefoxcrochet bunny cushion

@littlefoxcrochet made this adorable crochet cushion

lou.teacrochet crochet cushion heart

@lou.teacrochet made this fabulous crochet heart pillow that has such a contemporary style

annesurr crochet colorful cushion

Colorful crochet motif cushion by @annesurr with tassel fringe

wollyana crochet cushion

This crochet pillow by @woolyana looks just like a garden!

holly_pips crochet cushion 2

I love the rows of color on this cushion from @holly_pips

mrsdaftspaniel crochet cushion

A lovely wave stitch on this crochet cushion from @mrsdaftspaniel

littlefoxcrochet watermelon crochet cushion

Sweet watermelon cushion from @littlefoxcrochet

crejatie crochet cushion

Flower on a granny square crochet cushion from @crejatie

elisabethandree crochet cushion

Round crochet cushion with button center from @elisabethandree

mobiusgirl crochet cushion

Another way of putting a flower in the center of a granny square crochet cushion. From @mobiusgirl

missmotherhook crochet cushion

Circular crochet cushion from @missmotherhook

audra_hooknowl crochet cushions

Cute crochet cushions from @audra_hooknowl

make_the_nest instagram crochet cushion

Blooming flower cushion made by @make_the_nest


Granny square crochet cushion in ombre by @franloveswool

crochet cusions greatly

Crochet cushions by taylor + cloth

bechancer crochet cushion

Love the retro colors on this cushion from @bechancer

crochet qr code cushion

QR Code Crochet Cushion by Gyre & Gimble

crochet flower cushion

Samantha Wilson’s upcycled crochet art pillow

Renilde de Peuter crochet cushion

Renilde de Peuter crochet art cushion

granny square button cushion

Crochet granny button cushion by According to Matt

crochet critter cushions

Crochet Critter Cushions from Kelli Ronci’s Kids Crochet Book

sweet_sharna stack of crochet cushions

Stack of crochet cushions from @sweet_sharna

crochet pillows

Some of the first crochet pillows I ever made

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