A Crochet Interview with Myself

Sometimes on Thursdays I feature a crochet interview, typically with someone who crochets and puts their work on Etsy. I was thinking, though … what if I interviewed myself? I think this is a good way to take some time to reflect on my crochet experiences and a way to allow my readers to get …

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Important Dates in Crochet History

Important Dates in Crochet History: Crocheting Through Time

When you think of the history of crochet, what comes to mind? Maybe you think of the crochet boom of the 20th century, and imagine homemakers crafting after World War II, or perhaps you envision the crochet fashions that were popular in the 1970s. While both of those time periods represented a rise in crochet …

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Crochet on Etsy: Earrings

Today’s crochet on Etsy pick is a great pair of denim-colored earrings by razondalee.

Freeform Crochet Artist Emily Barletta

Freeform Crochet Artist Emily Barletta: A Closer Look

In our series of showcasing artists who use crochet, we want to highlight the awe-inspiring fiber artist Emily Barletta. With a portfolio filled with stunning crochet sculptures, Emily shows a range of skills from crochet to clay sculptures, to embroidery, and more.  Emily Barletta received her BFA in Fiber Arts in 2003 from The Maryland Institute …

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