endangered animal crochet: orangutan

Endangered Animal Crochet: Orangutan Crochet Patterns

Around the globe, there are over 40,000 endangered species, and over 9,000 of those are critically endangered. One such critically endangered species is the orangutan. While humans are overwhelmingly responsible for the decline in many animal populations, I’d like to think we can be part of the solution, too. Today I’d like to take a …

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crochet princess dress blanket

20 Crochet Princess Dress Blankets That Are Cute and Cozy

Have you ever seen a dress blanket? These clever creations are just what they sound like – a blanket that looks like a dress! Many designs even have sleeves, so your hands are free to read, craft, or snack while you’re still covered in your blanket. It’s kind of like a Snuggie, but infinitely prettier …

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Endangered Animal Crochet: Leopard

Endangered Animal Crochet: Leopard Crochet Patterns

Did you know that over 40,000 species worldwide are classified as endangered? It’s a serious problem, but you can help! Today we’re going to take a look at two endangered species and ways that we can help their populations. Of course, we also have some great crochet patterns rounded up so that you can crochet …

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Bicycle Crochet Patterns

14 Bicycle Crochet Patterns To Personalize Your Bike

When you add crochet to your bicycle, you make it more personal! Your choice to use colorful crochet or a sophisticated simple color palette says a lot about who you are. It makes your bike easier to find in a crowd, and it will make you smile each time you set off for a ride. …

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Best Crochet Hat Patterns

The 20 Best Crochet Hat Patterns You’ll Want To Make Today

Crochet hat patterns are perfect for so many different projects. Crochet hats for men, women, and children of all ages can be made quickly as gifts, last-minute accessories, or perfect charity donations. The patterns here are varied in style, technique, design, and skill level required by the crafter. There should be plenty here to keep …

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katie jones crochet fashion for the new year

Katie Jones Crochet Fashion for the New Year: DIY Style

After looking at the crochet fashion on the runways this year, I was reminded to check in on Katie Jones who always creates knit and crochet collections. She has a SS 17 collection called Pepperland, and when I checked it out I realized I’d never seen her Autumn ’16 collection (“Highland Fling”). Both have great designs!