Inspiration! 20 Crochet Elephants!

According to my September calendar of random holidays, today is Elephant Appreciation today. Lots of people have made crochet elephants that I’ve shared in various places on this blog in the post so I figured why not round them up today in celebration! If you see an @name below the photo then you’ll find the maker under that name on Instagram. Enjoy!

missmotherhook crochet elephant


sskakj crochet elephant


louizamakes crochet zebra and elephant


treble_stitch crochet elephant pattern


mimamami_ crochet elephant

@mimamami_ crochet elephant

cuteashook crochet elephant 2


amigurumi_pieceofcake crochet elephants


alioopsu1 crochet elephant


the_yarn_artisan crochet elephant 2


hanrosieg crochet elephant 2


crochet bookends pattern

Crochet elephant bookends free pattern from Moogly

crochet baby hat

Crochet elephant hat free pattern from Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me

tiny crochet elephant

2″ crochet elephant by ItsaGoodDayforClaysee more examples of teeny tiny crochet here

crochet elephant

Crochet elephant by Julie Adore

crochet elephant pattern

Mr. Olifant crochet pattern for sale from A La Sascha

crochet fabric animals

This crochet + fabric elephant was sold on Etsy by Sweetnellie

crochet elephants

Crochet elephants by Crochetbug using free appliqué pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

elephant mask crochet

Crochet elephant mask by Knot by Gran’ma

crochet elephant edging pattern

1939 vintage crochet elephant edging

2 thoughts on “Inspiration! 20 Crochet Elephants!”

  1. Thanks for including my elephants in the round up, and thank you for doing the round up! You have included so many wonderful elephant patterns I hadn’t found on my own. I adore elephants, and as soon as I get done with my state fair project, I am going to have to get back to that 101 elephant project.


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