Crochet in Movies and TV: Some of Our Favorite Examples

I love crochet items, so I always enjoy seeing examples of them in my favorite movies and TV shows.

From characters crocheting to crochet clothing to crochet items in the background, I’ve rounded up some examples of crochet in media.

Check out these examples of crochet in movies and tv shows, and let us know if you’ve spotted any others!

People Crocheting

Maybe it’s the slow pace of the craft, but it’s not often that I see someone in the process of crocheting on TV or in a movie. However, it does happen!

The TLC reality show Breaking Amish features many scenes in which Abe’s mom Mary is crocheting. In season 2 she also teaches some of the kids to crochet. This isn’t surprising, considering that the Amish are well-known for producing handmade items.

If you want to crochet an afghan similar to the ones Mary makes, you can download this Lacy Chevron afghan pattern.

There is also a scene in The New Girl where Jess knits during a girls’ night, and some of her friends are crocheting.

People Wearing Crochet

Sometimes it’s not that you necessarily see people crocheting but rather you see them wearing crochet:

Molly Weasley in Harry Potter

In the Harry Potter franchise, Mrs. Weasley famously knits each of her children a sweater every Christmas. It’s no surprise, then, that she enjoys crochet as well.

Lots of people love the crochet sleeve sweater she wore in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. If you want to emulate this style, you can purchase a pattern to make your own on Ravelry.

Favorite TV Character Crochet Outfits

Nurse Jackie wears a crochet scarf. You can find a similar pattern available for purchase if you want to imitate her look, or you can check out some of our other ideas for crochet scarves.

This and That blog points out that Rhoda on Mary Tyler Moore wears a lot of knitwear and some of it definitely looks like crochet to me.

MindyTV shares that Juliette wears a crochet top in Grimm

Knit One, Knit Two points out the great crochet motif sweater in Clarissa Explains It All

Crocheted Items in the Background

It is more common to see crocheted items in the background of shows than to actually see people crocheting. These crocheted items, especially blankets, are even more common than seeing people wearing crochet.

A granny square afghan famously adorns the back of the couch in Roseanne and The Big Bang Theory. The blanket on the couch in Roseanne was so iconic that when the show returned in 2018, Roseanne Barr wore a granny square-inspired skirt to the premiere.

Roseanne crochet
Photo Credit: YouTube

It’s no surprise that TV shows make use of crocheted afghans on set- they’re colorful, textured, and make the set look homey and lived-in.

Roseanne‘s production designer, Garvin Eddy, and executive producer, Matt Williams, both grew up in the midwest. They agreed that crocheted afghans were a common item in many homes while they were growing up, and Eddy stated that the granny square design reminded him of the blankets his wife had made for their home.

Over the course of the show, the afghan became so iconic that it had to be stitched to the sofa on set to avoid it being stolen!

There are many handmade replicas of the afghan from Roseanne available for purchase on websites like Etsy.

Crochet Afghan Blanket
Photo Credit: AlpacaKnitted on Etsy

Patterns for this type of blanket also abound. You can follow the free tutorial here to create your own granny square afghan.

Granny square afghans are certainly common on TV and movie sets, even when they aren’t as well-known as the one on the set of Roseanne. The Smurfs movie had a crochet blanket in it, and they appear in other shows including True Blood and Parks and Recreation.

More recently, Breaking Bad featured several crochet afghans, including this one which you can make for yourself using the free pattern.

Kelsey Mlnarik

Kelsey has been a crafter since childhood and enjoys crochet, sewing, and any craft she can make with her children. She loves learning new techniques and sharing what she learns along the way. Kelsey someday hopes to be someone's crafty grandmother, crocheting afghans and drinking entire pots of coffee.

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  1. ive seen a shrug worn by wilson’s ex wife in the show house md that i love .
    its the episode where wilson and his ex wife (current girlfriend ) go on a double date with house and a trans hooker.
    you should check it out.

  2. Is there a website that provides patterns for crocheted items seen on tv? I just watched I just watched the first episode of Disney’s Jessie and she wears the the nicest crocheted jacket in a scene where she goes to school for a science presentation. I wish my eyesight where better but I just can’t get a good enough look at it to figure it out myself. Or even something similar. I have been looking for days and haven’t had any luck.

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