Designer Crochet Project: Donna Karan

Donna Karan is famous for comfortable chic and functional power dressing. Her designs are high-end fashion, while not being fully out of price reach for the average consumer.

Let’s take a look at Donna’s career and the launch of her self-named designer line!

About Donna Karan

Donna was born into the world of fashion as her mother was a model and her father, who died when Donna was three, was a tailor. It only seems natural that Donna would grow up to have her own designer label.

But before she launched her own designs, Donna worked her way up to being the head of design for Anna Klein. It wasn’t until 1984, with well over a decade under her belt with Klein, that Donna launched her first collection of designs.

In this first independent collection, Donna presented seven pieces of chic black clothing that could be combined in a variety of ways to create an easy stylish wardrobe.

Since then she’s maintained a goal of creating clothing for women who want to look great without having to think too much about their clothes.

Since then, Donna has gone on to create menswear, perfume, DKNY, DKNY Jeans and so much more. Although she has retired from fashion and design, Donna’s legacy lives on in her well-established stores and place in fashion.

Donna Karan Crochet

Donna Karan has certainly brought crochet into her designs all across the decades.  Here's a look at some of the pieces from across her career that utilize the craft of crochet. 

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