Designer Crochet by Italian Designer Franco Moschino

Crochet is an incredibly versatile craft! From a cozy handmade blanket to an elegant wedding gown, you can make almost anything in crochet.

There are plenty of fashion designers who have incorporated crochet into their designs, and if that topic interests you, we have a list of 50 such designers here on the blog.

Today, we’ll take a look at the fashion career of Franco Moschino.

Fashion Designer Franco Moschino

Franco Moschino had a short fashion career, and a short life for that matter, since he died in 1994 at the age of 44. This designer was kind of an anti-designer whose work throughout the eighties was intended to hold a mirror up to the fashion consumerism of the time and to encourage the celebration of clothes over brands.

His message was heard and he was surprisingly successful until 1991. It was then that he made a bold decision to stop having runway shows and to create a campaign against the fashion industry called Stop the Fashion System.

It’s ironic, then, that he ended up in Simone Werle’s 50 Fashion Designers You Should Know.

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After he died, his assistant took over the brand. For thirteen years there were no fashion shows out of respect for the designer’s vision and ideals, but eventually, the brand started having shows again.

The return of this brand coincided well with a big emphasis throughout the industry on handcrafted, unique clothing even when it’s coming from big brands.

Moschino Crochet Blazer

This crochet blazer is made of a bunch of what looks like granny squares joined together. It’s a cool way to incorporate a super common and traditional crochet design into high fashion.

According to the caption, this blazer is from the early 1990s.

French Terry Sweatshirt With Crochet Trim

This French terry Moschino sweatshirt is super cute and cozy, and the crochet trim lends it a homespun vibe. Love this design? You’ll want to pick up the matching shorts, too!

Of course, this look comes at designer prices, but we think you could definitely emulate it at home by crocheting some trim and stitching it onto a favorite sweatshirt.

Moschino Grunge Vintage Tunic

This vintage Moschino tunic combines a patchwork of solid and crocheted off-white squares to perfectly emulate the grunge look that had reached its height when this outfit was designed.

Moschino Symbols Crochet Dress

This crochet Moschino symbols dress is part of the current line and has a retro vibe thanks to the peace sign, daisy, and happy face motifs. This is another piece that makes use of granny square-style construction, bringing a common crochet design into the world of fashion.

Jacket With Crochet Details

This vibrant purple jacket would stand out even if it had no embellishment, but the crochet details take it over the top into something truly eye-catching. This is definitely not a jacket made for blending in!

Now, let’s face it: most of us won’t be shelling out the cash for a jacket like this one. However, I think it’s a pretty approachable design to imitate with your own crafting! Try using a pattern like this to create the flower appliques and add them to your own jacket.

Crochet Crop Top

Talk about colorful! This crop top is anything but minimalist. It makes use of tight and loose weaves, flower motifs, a riot of colors, and varied texture. The top also has retro details, such as bell sleeves and daisies.

Crochet Clutch

This crochet clutch is part of the Love Moschino line, a spin-off of the main brand. Until 2008 this line was known as Moschino Jeans, and it offers items that are lower priced and more light-hearted and playful than those in the main brand.

This clutch comes in two versions, one of which is pink, purple, and teal, and one that is black, white, and pink. Both have a heart-shaped magnetic fastener and a removable chain that provides different carrying options.

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