Crocodile Stitch Patterns: Creative, Delightful Examples

If you already know these crochet designers, then you probably associate the name with crocodile stitch crochet patterns.

Bonita Patterns, established by Lianka and Rachel Azulay, is not only a knit and crochet designer label but also sells beautiful and vibrant yarn. Their online shop offers kits for their patterns, pairing one of their stunning patterns with the best yarn color combos.

Crocodile Stitch Patterns

Lianka is the designer who made the crocodile stitch rise in popularity after she launched her first collection called "Crocodile Stitch Fashions" and it's obvious to see why when browsing her patterns.

The use of this stitch is a key highlight in so many of Bonita Patterns and is used in stunningly beautiful ways.  We wanted to highlight some of our favorite Crocodile Stitch Patterns from Bonita Patterns and hope they inspire your next project! 

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