Crochet Heals Keshae (interview outtakes)

crochet heals keshae

I write a monthly column for Happily Hooked digital magazine where I interview people about how crochet has helped / healed them. December’s issue featured Keshae “KJ” Hinton of Soulful Stitchery. I was able to where a wealth of great information about her in that article and I hope you’ll check out the issue to see what she had to say.

There are always a few questions that I ask that don’t make it published articles for one reason or another. These are usually background information questions, which I ask to learn more about the crafter’s love of crochet, regardless of whether or not it relates to crochet health. Here are some of the answers that KJ shared that didn’t make it into the finished article:

music themed crochet hat by keshae

What are your favorite yarns for crochet?

My favorite yarns are Bernat Mosaic (discontinued, unfortunately), Noro Kureyon, Caron, Red Heart Super Saver, among many.  There are too many brands to list that I like.

What about your favorite crochet hooks?

I enjoy crocheting with Boye hooks; I make this joke that Susan Bates is not my friend because she splits my yarn … and my head.  That, and Boye is my buddy.  I’d recommend Boye hooks to beginners in the crochet universe.

crochet hat with brim by kesahe

And a few crochet books that you would recommend?

My favorites are the Get Your Crochet On! books by Afya Ibomu, double stitch by Erika and Monika Simmons (the Double Stitch twins), and Crochet Squared by Marsha Polk.  These books inspire me to create urban, funky designs.

Fun crochet fact?

I was almost injured once.  I tried to crochet with one of those small steel hooks, and poked my hand with it.  I say “almost injured” because I almost drew blood with those things.  I figured I’d leave the thread and steel hooks to the experts.  As well as I can crochet, I’m not that good.  (smile)

What crochet superpower would you acquire if you could?

I’d try to sprout another set of arms so I can have two projects going on at once!

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crochet sjull hat by keshae

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