Crochet Bath Rugs: 15 of Our Most Favorite Patterns

Whether you want more handmade items around your house or are simply looking for your next project, bath rugs are easy to make, will last you a long time, and there are so many fun patterns to pick from!

When making a bathmat, you’ll want to look at cotton-based yarns or alternative materials like T-Shirt yarn. You’ll want to consider absorbency, shrinkage of the yarn, and how well it holds up with daily use.

Most patterns have a recommended type or brand of yarn, but this article from Interweave does a great job of breaking down which elements to consider when making a bathroom rug.

Here are 15 of our top bath rug crochet patterns, all of which you can buy from Etsy!

15 Crochet Bath Rug Patterns

Make your own bath mat with one of these 15 bath rug crochet patterns!

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