11 Fascinating Crochet Art Dolls and Figures

In recent years, crocheted dolls and figures have become very popular. The style of doll currently most popular is called Amigurumi figures, which is a Japanese word derived from 編み ami, meaning to crochet or knit, and 包み Kurumi, which means wrapping.

These types of dolls and figurines aren’t a new concept, meaning there’s a surplus of patterns and dolls you can buy pre-made already hitting the market.

In fact, you may even spot some famous figures in local places near you, like this adorable Van Gogh Doll at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

We’ve put together some of our favorites to showcase to you. Support a small business by buying one made or be inspired and create your own!

Crochet Dolls and Amigurumi Figures

Dolls and figures are fun craft projects that utilize lots of skills but can be so fun and rewarding to make! We've collected some of our favorites that can be bought or made by you! 

Hannah Ege

A life long crocheter and knitter, Hannah is a creative person who enjoys designing their own patterns while having deep appreciation and love for timeless designs. Hannah's first official job was in a yarn store as a teenager and even now they regularly knit and crochet for friends and commissioned pieces. When not busy with fiber, Hannah enjoys all things coffee, reading, hiking and spending time with their kid.

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  1. Thanks so much for linking to me.  I only just started following your blog, and seeing my doll on here was a great surprise.  It quite made my day.  I really love your blog as well.  Now, I too am inspired to get back to work on a doll I just started!

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