21 More of the Top Crochet Patterns

best crochet patterns

Throughout the past few weeks I’ve been sharing roundups of some of the best crochet patterns across a variety of categories including crochet blanket patterns, crochet patterns to wear and crochet patterns for the home. But there are some crochet patterns that defy standard categories so today’s roundup is the catchall collection of top unique crochet patterns.

crochet cat bed

Crochet Cat Bed, Crochet tutorial from I Create Stuff Sometimes

crochet pouf

Free crochet pouf pattern from Knit with Attitude – cool because it tells you how to make it so that it opens up and works as storage.

crochet basketball net

Haak-en-stekie shares a free crochet tutorial for making a crochet basketball net

crochet basket free pattern

Crochet basket free pattern from Costa’s Crafty Corner

crochet faerie ears

Crochet Faerie Ears by @crochetkitten

crochet beaded pot free pattern

Crochet beaded pot free pattern from Agrarian Artisan

crochet t-shirt yarn vase free pattern

Crochet t-shirt yarn vase free pattern from Abandoned Llama

free crochet slushie pattern

Free Crochet Slushie Drawstring Bag Pattern via @michaelsstores and @twinkiechan

crochet tissue holder

Things Bright shared a free crochet pattern for a vintage inspired tissue holder

crochet basket pattern

Free crochet pattern for oval basket liner via Kashi’s Corner

easter crochet pattern

Easter Egg Treat Bag, a free @petalstopicots crochet pattern

crochet stars

How to Crochet Stuffed Stars via Little Woollie

crochet magic wand

Crochet Magic Wand Pattern via @CraftsideWorld

crochet scissors grip pattern

@sheepishknit shared the simple but smart free crochet pattern for making scissor grips

crochet raindrops

little crochet raindrops by @fiberflux

crochet toadstool pattern

Greedy for Colour shares a free crochet pattern to make a crochet toadstool

crochet hook holder

Free crochet pattern for Broomstick Lace hook holder via @CrochetKitten

crochet handwarmer rocks

Toasty crochet handwarmers; a tutorial free from Bunny Mummy

crochet african flower tutorial

Crochet African Heart Pincushion, a free tutorial from @sandycherryhrt

crochet scrunchie pattern

Crochet hair scrunchie, free pattern from Linda’s Crafty Corner

crochet mountains

The Dapper Toad has a free pattern for crochet mountains. Unique!


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