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Design Your Own Crochet Projects by Sara Delaney is so much more than a crochet pattern book, although it does include 18 cute crochet accessories patterns within its pages. Subtitled “Magic Formulas for Creating Custom Scarves, Cowls, Hats, Socks, Mittens and Gloves”, this is a workbook that provides you instructions and space for working out your own unique designs. If you have ever wanted to be a pattern designer – or if you would just like to be able to create a few of your own unique items – this book is the guide that you need. And don’t worry if you’re a little unsure about crochet math; not only does this book teach you its ins and outs but it comes with a link to an online crochet calculator that will help you with the numbers.

How This Crochet Book Works

Design Your Own Crochet Projects teaches you how to crochet a variety of accessories, providing all of the information that you will need to create your design plan, calculate the yarn that you will need, develop the pattern and complete your project. The book begins with crochet scarves, which are always a nice beginner project and a good starting place for learning how to use the tools of this book. Let’s look at what is in the crochet scarves chapter to give you a sense of what you will experience with this unique book …

Choosing your scarf size

First you learn that a scarf is a rectangular item and the author provides you with average width and height of scarves along with tips for helping you decide on the size of your own scarf. This includes information about three standard scarf measurements and how much yarn would be needed based on specific stitch choices.

Selecting your scarf pattern

You can choose to make your scarf using any crochet stitch pattern that you want. You will make a swatch in this stitch pattern; details are provided to help you figure out exactly how to make this swatch.

Working out the math for your scarf

You will use your swatch in combination with the worksheet provided in the book to come up with the basic math for your scarf. Things you will figure out here include your stitch multiples, beginning stitch count, pattern repeats per inch, rows per vertical pattern repeat and project weight. Don’t worry; there’s ample information in the book to help you out with all of this information.

Completing a full scarf design

This section is followed by a series of formulas that will assist you in fully developing your crochet scarf pattern. Once you have worked through these formulas, you will be able to fill in the worksheet titled “scarf pattern template”. This includes all of the information that you would typically find at the beginning of a crochet pattern such as yarn details, hook size, stitch details, gauge and finished size.

Writing the scarf out as a pattern

This is followed by a basic guide to writing out your scarf pattern template as the kind of written pattern that you would find from any other crochet designer. This is perfect if you want to create crochet patterns to sell and also useful if you want to create your own library of patterns to work from.

Two crochet scarf patterns

Now that you know how to make a crochet scarf pattern, you are given two crochet scarf patterns from the designer to practice. The worksheets for each of them are filled in for you, giving you a chance to see how the designing process works in action, while providing you with patterns from which you can begin to crochet scarves immediately.

Also in This Crochet Book

Of course, the book goes on to prove similar design sections and crochet patterns for other types of crochet accessories. In addition to these worksheets, lessons and patterns, Design Your Own Crochet Projects also includes:

  • Detailed information about yarn choices for crochet
  • Elaboration on the importance of crocheting a swatch and how it is done
  • Tips for measuring humans to get the right size for different accessories
  • Helpful assistance on useful topics such as “when the math doesn’t behave”
  • Tips to handle tricky shaping including on hat crowns, the fingertips of gloves, and sock heels.
  • Basics of how to crochet
  • Stitch dictionary, including photos and row-by-row instructions, for stitches worked both in rows and in rounds

Crochet Calculator

Don’t forget that in conjunction with this title Story Publishing offers an online crochet calculator that does a lot of the math you’ll be using in the worksheets throughout this book. There are ten different basic patterns in the book, each of which has their own worksheet, and you can find each of these ten calculators online. The calculator has has cross-references back to the book that will assist you in merging the two tools for the easiest approach to designing your own crochet projects.

Share Your Crochet Projects

You are invited to use the hashtag #DYOcrochetprojects across social media to share any of the crochet projects that you design using the tools in this unique crochet book.


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  1. This is a good overview but you don’t really say whether you recommend it or like it or rate it…anything. Is the fact that you’re reviewing it a recommendation?

    • Kathryn Vercillo Reply

      I try to give good overviews to help people decide whether or not the book is for them. I think that’s more important than my individual opinion on any book. That said, yes, I do recommend this title particularly for people who are interested in learning crochet design to sell their own patterns.

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