I’ve been looking back at my earliest link love crochet posts from several years ago when I didn’t even include photos in the roundups. I noticed that there are a lot of great crochet patterns buried in those links, so I decided to pull some of those out for us to take a look at today.

crochet bunting pattern

Easy crochet bunting free pattern from Pink Milk. This is a really simple crochet pattern that celebrates every color of the rainbow. It can be used to decorate parties, nurseries or other special places. See more crochet bunting.

camera strap crochet cover free pattern

Camera strap cover free crochet pattern from Maybe Matilda. If you work with a large camera then you probably have a strap on the camera. Personalize it with your own crochet ideas taking inspiration from this pattern.

crochet flower buttons free pattern

Crochet flower buttons free pattern from One Sheepish Girl. She shares how to upcycle a sweater with an ombre selection of these little flower buttons. This is a really adorable idea that can give new life to so many different cardigans in your closet.

crochet flower free pattern

Small flower free crochet pattern by Little Treasures. This six petal flower works up so quickly and can be used as an appliqué or detail on almost anything. Here are some more cute crochet flower patterns.

crochet roses free pattern

Crochet roses free pattern by Attic24. Roses are the most quintessential of all flowers so you will certainly want to crochet roses at some point in your crafty journey.

wire crochet bow ring

Wire crochet bow ring free pattern from SellzCuteThings. This is a great small crochet pattern for trying out wire crochet if that is something that is new to you. And it makes a terrific little accessory that jazzes up your wardrobe.

crochet hair scrunchie free pattern

Crochet hair scrunchie free pattern from Stitch of Love. The nineties are back so the scrunchie is certainly in style again. Make yours in crochet.

crochet hats

Dr. Seuss crochet hat free patterns in multiple sizes from Micah Makes. You can make Thing 1 and Thing 2 for costumes or just for a cute matching kids costume.

amigurumi monster free crochet pattern

Amigurumi monster free crochet pattern from Just Be Happy. Have fun with this easy amigurumi pattern!

crochet dolls free pattern

Crochet and knit manga spirits free doll patterns from By Hook, By Hand. See more crochet dolls.

crochet bow free pattern

Crochet bow free pattern from Double Crochets who also has some cute tips for how to wear crochet bows. If you don’t want to wear the bow, though, you could always make a bunch of these to attach to any gift that you give.

crochet wristwamers free pattern

Wristwarmers free crochet pattern from Cute Crochet Chat. This is a simple crochet accessory that adds textured, classy style to your outfits.

crochet wristers free pattern

Butterfly net wristers free crochet pattern from Crochet Spot. Want to add an accessory during the warmer months of the year? This is an open design that stays cool while making you look cool, too. It uses the crochet butterfly stitch.

plarn purse free crochet pattern

Plarn purse free crochet pattern from My Recycled Bags who has the best crochet patterns for making use of recycled plastic bags.

crochet cowl free pattern

Crochet cowl free pattern from crochetbird. This pattern is simple but sweet with a few great details and a lot of cozy plushness.

crochet scarf free pattern

Crochet scarf free pattern from A Spoonful of Sugar. The stitch detail in this simple crochet scarf is elegantly divine.

whirl cowl crochet pattern

Whirl cowl crochet pattern for sale from Linda Skuja. The bobbles at the top add additional detail to this richly designed crochet cowl.

crochet button cowl

Unisex ribbed button cowl free crochet pattern from Creative Jewish Mom. This one works for girls or guys of any age and gives you a chance to use up some of the fun buttons you might have in your stash. Simple ribbing gives a bit of stretch to the design.

crochet basket free pattern

Ship shape basket free crochet pattern from Pickles who also has a cute crochet seat cushion free pattern and a great crochet yoga bag free pattern. In fact, they have lots of great free crochet patterns to explore!

crochet basket

Ombre basket free crochet pattern from Crochet in Color; this is one of my favorite crochet basket patterns and it’s a great example of how to crochet ombre.

crochet edging

Receiving blankets with crochet edging free pattern from Purl Soho. The pattern is for the whole piece but the detail about the edging would also work for all different kinds of edging projects.

crochet coasters free pattern

Crochet coasters free pattern from creJJtion. I love the way that she plays with different simple color combinations. I’d like to try it with primary colors.

polyhedral balls crochet pattern

Polyhedral balls crochet pattern for sale from Planet June. An excellent example of math in crochet and a fun set of toys for kids or pets.

granny square crochet letters

Granny squares crochet letter free pattern (letter E) from Alli Crafts. She points out that the same idea could be used to make any of the letters of the alphabet that use straight lines.

instagram crochet phone case

Instagram-inspired crochet cell phone cozy free pattern in both French and English from Isabelle Kessedjian. If you’re a fan of social media then this is a really great project.

prospector's change purse free crochet pattern

Prospector’s Change Purse free crochet pattern. Simple shapes combined together make great designs as we can see in this pattern. See more crochet coin purses.

crochet spirals and scallops

Crochet spirals and scallops e-book for sale form Renate Kirkpatrick. These different motifs can be used to explore freeform crochet.


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