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Modern Baby Crochet is a smart crochet book that takes classic designs and gives them a contemporary spin, always attending carefully to the details in every stitch.

modern baby crochet display

Four of the crochet patterns in the book are shown here, in a great image at the start of the book. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a link to the free pattern for Finley the Fox Bib on the top right.

Smart Crochet

This book is a collection of smart crochet patterns, patterns that have been written with both style and function in mind. There are crochet items that babies will actually use and they’ll look adorable in them when they do. Each crochet pattern uses three or less skeins of yarn, so they are affordable and can be quick to make. Each pattern comes with detailed instructions including stitch details for all but the basic stitches, assembly diagrams where needed and symbol diagrams in some instances.

modern baby crochet car seat cozy

Car Seat Swaddle crochet pattern designed by Terri L. Keller

Crochet Patterns with Attention to Detail

What I love most about these crochet patterns is that they go beyond just being “cute” (though they are) and really implement quality design in the details of the work. It’s easy to make a simple crochet sweater pattern that looks great on babies because babies make everything look great; it’s much less easy to design smart texture using a twisted version of Tunisian crochet like we see in the Liam Zippered Pullover, a buttoned cardigan with a smart doggie appliqué that wraps all the way around the back as in the Lady Dachshund sweater, or the unique combination of texture with color blocked arms and trim that are found in the Sophie Raglan Pullover. These little details give us a set of 18 baby crochet patterns that are really truly rich in design.

modern baby crochet burp rags

Super contemporary burp cloths designed by Brenda K.B. Anderson

Classic Crochet with a Contemporary Twist

The details in the designs are created in such a way that they really do exemplify the “modern” in the book’s title. The color choices are contemporary. For example, the Claire dress is worked so that there are incomplete horizontal stripes that create a fabulous graphic design. It’s still a soft look for baby but one that baby could wear when accompanying mom to an art gallery event. In addition to color, the shape and texture of the designs is suited perfectly to kids’ fashions of today.

Fox Bib Free Crochet Pattern

free crochet fox bib pattern

Petals to Picots was given permission by the publishers to share one free crochet pattern from this book so if you want to try one of the patterns then head over to her page for the Finley The Fox Bib.

Crochet Designers

This crochet book edited by Sharon Zientara is a collection of patterns from a number of designers. Two of her own patterns are in the book (for pants and booties). Just a few of the other designers include Kathy Merrick, Robyn Chachula and Brenda K.B. Anderson. It’s a terrific collection of inspired crochet patterns from designers well-versed in their craft.

modern baby crochet

Lady Dachshund Sweater and Claire Dress


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