t-shirt yarn crochet bath mats

Yesterday I shared my post about the t-shirt yarn crochet baskets I made using yarn from Wool and the Gang. I also used that same t-shirt yarn (called Jersey Be Good) to make new bath mats for myself.

t-shirt yarn crochet square

I had been wanting new bathroom mats for awhile. I basically have to have them in my bathroom because I live in a wacky old San Francisco apartment that has shifted and settled in odd ways over time so the floor is slanted.

t-shirt yarn crochet square

This means that water always tends to leak out of my shower, no matter what a great shower curtain I get, and if it’s not caught by a bath mat then it slides down the floor and gets under the cabinet, where it can easily settle into mold if I don’t stay on top of it.

t0shirt yarn crochet bath mat

So the bathroom mats are for more than just looks in my house but I also want ones that are cute. I’d been using a post-stitch crochet mat that I’d made but it’s really better used as a blanket so I decided to use t-shirt yarn to create new bath mats.

t-shirt yarn crochet bath mat

I made two large granny square crochet bath mats that sit side-by-side right outside of the tub.

ruffled edge crochet circle

I also made a circular t-shirt yarn rug with a ruffled edge that sits in front of my sink.


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  1. How large are the mats? How many skeins of the Jersey yarn do you think you used for one mat?

    • Kathryn Reply

      The granny squares are about 18″ across. I think they used less than one skein total.

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  3. Do you have a pattern? I’m a beginner and would like to make this!

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