crochet daisy stitch tutorial

The daisy stitch, also known as the star stitch, is one of those terrific crochet stitches that looks like it takes a lot of work but is really fairly simple to master. That makes it a great stitch for projects where you want a lot of texture detail without putting in a lot of hard work!

Step One:

crochet starting chain

Chain a starting chain that is an odd number of stitches. In this example I used a chain of 15 stitches.

Step Two:

crochet tutorial

Insert hook into second chain from hook, yarn over and draw up a loop.

Step Three:

crochet tutorial

Repeat step two in each of the next four stitches, leaving each of the loops on the hook as you work.

Step Four:

crochet tutorial

Yarn over, draw yarn through all six loops now on the hook.

Step Five:

crochet tutorial

Slip stitch to close the daisy.

Step Six:

crochet tutorial

To start the next daisy, insert hook into the center of the previous daisy. Yarn over and pull through.

Step Seven:

crochet tutorial

Insert hook into the same loop where the previous daisy finished. Yarn over and draw up a loop. There should now be three loops on the hook.

Step Eight:

crochet tutorial

Repeat the yarn over and draw up a loop in the next three stitches. This should leave you with six stitches on your hook.

Step Nine:

Repeat steps four and five.

crochet tutorial

Step Ten:

Repeat steps six through nine across row to last stitch.

HDC in last stitch.

Step Eleven:

Turn. Chain 4. Skip first chain.

Insert hook into second chain from hook, yarn over and draw up a loop. Repeat steps 2 through 9.

I originally published this tutorial on the Crochet Today blog.


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  1. Sassy Sherry M Reply

    Although, I known how to make this stitch since I was a young teen I just wanted to tell you, I find your tutorial on the daisy stitch very easy to follow compared to some I have run across and plan on using it to teach my granddaughters how to make the daisy stitch, as I am left-handed and they are right-handed I think your tutorial will come in handy.
    Thank you Sherry

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