best crochet accessories patterns

We’ve recently looked at some of the top crochet patterns for crochet hats, crochet scarves and crochet jewelry. Today I’ve got a roundup of crochet patterns for other accessories that don’t fall into these categories – accessories including crochet gloves and mitts, crochet purses, crochet shawls and more.

Crochet Gloves Patterns

crochet fingerless gloves free pattern

Crochet fingerless gloves free pattern from Kristina Olson

slip stitch crochet mittens pattern

Slip stitch crochet mittens free pattern on Ravelry

crochet armwarmer free pattern

Tranquil waves free crochet arm warmer pattern by The Crochet Lounge

crochet armwarmer

Link’s Crochet Gauntlets free pattern by Emily Hastings

free crochet fingerless gloves pattern

Quick free crochet fingerless gloves pattern from @crohetkim

crochet wristwarmers free pattern

Free crochet wristwarmers pattern from @habitulhomebody

Crochet Shawl and Wrap Patterns

crochet shawl pattern

@twinkiechan says of this @michaelsstores free crochet pattern: “I adore grannykitsch, and this shawl is definitely that!”

granny square crochet wrap

Stitch and Unwind (@allfreecrochet) shared a free pattern by @fiberflux for a granny square wrap with some pretty color choices

lilac crochet shrug pattern

Talking Crochet newsletter has a cute free crochet pattern for a lilac shawlette

Crochet Purse and Bag Patterns

crochet flower bag pattern

crochet blossoming bag pattern for sale from @sandracherryhrt

crochet tote bag

Hellebore Tote, free motif-based crochet bag pattern from @crochetkitten

crochet clock purse

Tea Time Crochet Purse. This free crochet pattern from @crochetkitten is a purse inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Enjoy the idea of crochet clocks? Check out this crochet clock roundup.

Other Crochet Accessory Patterns

crochet bow tie

Crochet bow tie pattern from @molliemakes

crochet earwarmer pattern

Quick and Chunky Crochet Ear Warmer Pattern via @projectsathouse

crochet mask pattern

365 Crochet shared the free pattern for this crochet masquerade mask


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