Last week I shared with you the beautiful inspiring photo of Karin’s granny square kitchen curtain. I love the idea of crochet curtains. You can put them on every window of your house or mix-and-match different window coverings, such as fabric roman shades, with handmade crochet curtains for a beautiful personalized style in your home. Here is a quick roundup of some of the best free crochet curtain patterns online.

1. Openwork Crochet Curtain Pattern

crochet curtain pattern

Ravelry’s Arlette shows how any stitch pattern, in this case MYpicot’s openwork lace stitch, can be made into a great crochet kitchen curtain.

2. Daisy Crochet Valance Pattern

free crochet curtain patterns

A valance is a half-curtain and this free Talking Crochet pattern by Diane Stone offers a great choice if that’s what you’re looking for in your crochet curtain!

3. Cotton Blocks Curtain

free crochet curtain pattern

This is a free Bernat crochet pattern made using cotton thread. I love how the graphic squares look contemporary while the thread offers nostalgia.

4. Easy Crochet Curtains

easy crochet curtains

This is an easy free crochet curtain pattern by Sue Norrad.

5. Plarn Crochet Curtains

plarn crochet curtain pattern

What better room for recycled plastic bag crochet than the kitchen which generates most of your plastic bag waste anyway? This free Ravelry pattern is by Drenka’s Crochet.

6. Crochet Chains Curtain

crochet chain curtain

This free crochet curtain pattern by Donna Collingsworth is based on the simplicity of crochet chains.

7. Filet Crochet Valance

filet crochet valance

Here’s another valance, this one done in filet crochet. Free pattern by Hartmut Hass.

8. Vintage Crochet Cafe Curtains

crochet cotton curtains

Use cotton thread to make these vintage crochet cafe curtains for your kitchen. Photo from Ravelry’s Wicked Stitch.

9. Felt Balls Crochet Curtain

felt balls curtain

I am in love with this felt balls curtain that hangs from crocheted fabric.

10. Crochet Curtain Tie Backs

crochet flower curtain ties

Don’t have time to crochet a full set of curtains? How about adding crochet tie-backs to the curtains you already have for a cute personal touch? Free crochet pattern from Cherry Heart.


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  2. janemarie0605 Reply

    Here is a window treatment I crocheted. Inspiration was from a pin on Pinterest

  3. Does anyone have the crochet pattern for the #3 – Daisy Crochet Valance. I would very much appreciate it. Thanks

    • Kathryn Reply

      My apologies – it looks like the link changed on that one. I’ve now updated it!

    • Kathryn Reply

      The link appears to have changed. It’s now a Ravelry link. I’ve updated it for you!

  4. #7 Is no longer available for download on Ravelry. Grrrr! I don’t care if I have to pay. …. I want this pattern!

    • Kathryn Reply

      Apparently it was published in the book Blue Ribbon Crochet. Maybe you can get your hands on a copy?!

  5. Deise Pacheco Reply

    Like a lot of step a daisy curtain step will be the ends that could VCS I mandar.Obrigada

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  7. Hello. Someone has the Patro of # 10. It is the rise cloths. Thank you

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  9. Has anyone made the Daisy Valance? I’m fairly new at crochet and I’m having some issues understanding the instructions. Thanks!

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