I recently received an email from a reader who was seeking some help finding a crochet pattern. I asked you, my terrific readers and friends in the crochet community, if you could help and there was an instant response. I wanted to share that story with you!

The Question

So what happened first was that a reader named Dolly used the contact page of this blog to ask me a question:

“Hi, I have been looking for 3 days online for a pattern I used to make with my mom. It’s a round crochet pillow you do with some chain work and when done you use your finger and slip each chain together and connect in center. It pulls the top color into the next one. My memories are not that great on the steps. Any help?”

The Call For Help

I had absolutely no idea what the pattern was that the crafter was looking for based on this information. But I did know that some of my other readers and online crocheting friends just might know the answer. I popped over to Facebook and asked there and got some great responses very quickly:

The Suggested Pattern

In the meantime, Dolly had written to me again to add some photos (the one right above this text and the one at the top of this post) to help us in finding the pattern. Based on what had been suggested on Facebook and what I saw in those images I suggested that perhaps the pattern, or something close to the same pattern, was the Kaleidoscope hot pads pattern by Cylinda Mathews, which was a Crochet Memories pattern that is now available for free via Ravelry. Here’s a photo of one of those hot pads from by Haakpoes on Ravelry:

The Item That Got Crocheted

Dolly agreed that this pattern would help her. She explained that she has four different friends who want her to teach them to crochet but that first she needs to teach herself to read crochet patterns better because she learned from her mother and grandmother who didn’t use patterns for their work. She sent me some pictures when she completed her first go at it, saying, “It’s not perfect and I had to undo some rows here and there but it was fun to make. I love the design. I am so tired of doing granny squares and need to try new things.” I’m so glad that you were all about to help her with that!

I think it’s terrific how much the people in this crochet community help one another. We support each other in ways both big and small. It is wonderful, and I always feel charmed to be in the middle of this great group of creative people that is always growing and strengthening.


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  1. This is the pattern I wanted but now its not available on Ravelry!!

  2. Cylinda very generously re-posted the Kaleidoscope Hot Pad pattern on her blog at http://crochetmemories.blogspot.com/

  3. CrochetBlogger It’s now back, thanks to Cylinda from Crochet Memories….

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