Last week we looked at crochet wedding dresses. Weren’t they beautiful? But wedding dresses aren’t the only thing that can be crocheted at a wedding. Here are 20 more ideas for items that can be crocheted for a wedding.

1. Crochet Wedding Veil

Make a bold statement with a great crochet bridal veil!

Green Trunk Designs made the crochet wedding veil on the left to match the one on the right that Padme Amidala wore in Star Wars II.

2. Crochet Fascinator

Fascinators have been all the rage at weddings ever since The Royal Wedding. My favorite fascinator maker is KAIJ, who made the small hair clip fascinator above, which I think would be great for a wedding. Did you know that vintage fascinators actually looked a lot like bridal veils:

3. Crochet Wedding Jewelry

In 2009, blogger Aromy had a wedding in which everything was eco-friendly and compostable and much was handmade including the crochet necklace and bracelet you see here. You could also crochet earrings for your wedding.

4. Crochet Ring Pillow

Once Wed has a free crochet pattern for this ring bearer pillow.

Extra: Etsy’s LifeJewels has another cute crochet wedding ring pillow.

5. Crochet Flower Basket

Send the flower girl down the aisle with a handmade flower basket.

This one was designed by Julie A . Bolduc who sells the crochet pattern at JPF Crochet Club.

6. Crochet Bunting

Decorate your reception area with crocheted bunting!

You already saw one example of a doily-backed bunting in my previous roundup of upcycled doily ideas. However, another great option would be to do heart-shaped bunting like this example from Ruffled Blog.

7. Crochet Wedding Shawl

Outdoor weddings can get chilly so it’s important for the bride to have a great bridal shawl. Crochet is a terrific idea here.

This crochet bridal shawl comes from CrochetButterfly

8.Crochet Wedding Shrug

Some ladies don’t like the look of a bridal shawl; get contemporary with a bridal bolero or shrug instead.

This modern bridal shrug comes from Etsy’s denizy03

9. Crochet Bridal Umbrella

I found this crochet umbrella for sale on DaWanda but you can also find several others on Etsy that would add to a bride’s magical look.

10. Crochet Stones for Centerpieces

Do something unique and different; use crochet-covered stones as table centerpieces instead of using costly flower bouquets!

These stones come from Etsy’s knittalatte

11. Crochet Bridal Shoes

These crochet bridal shoes come from the Bay Area’s own Anyi Lu. They are designed to be comfortable enough for the bride to dance all night long.

12. Crochet Wedding Gloves

I like these fingerless crochet wedding gloves from Etsy’s Lasunka because they look modern and comfortable. However, you could also use full-coverage vintage crochet gloves for a more classic look.

13. Crochet Bouquet

Why waste your money on a flower bouquet that’s going to die before the honeymoon is over? Crochet your bouquet instead!

This crochet bridal bouquet comes from Italian crochet website Non Solo Fiori (not only flowers).

Note: The bridal bouquet doesn’t have to be the only set of crocheted flowers at the wedding. Crochet all of your floral decorations as well!

14. Crochet Bridesmaid Dresses

The bride isn’t the only one who can wear crochet!

This pretty picture was posted on Facebook by

15. Crochet Bags for Wedding Favors

Personalize your wedding favors by handing them out inside small crochet bags.

Lion Brand offers a free crochet pattern for this little wedding favor bag.

16. Crochet Wedding Favors

Instead of crocheting bags and putting something else in them as wedding favors, just crochet the favors themselves!

Etsy’s cherrytime makes these cute little birds as wedding favors.

17. Crochet Tablecloths

Beautify the tables at your wedding reception with handcrafted crochet tablecloths. (Wash them afterwards and give them to the wedding party as a gift!)

I really love the story about relationships that was shared at Busted Halo about making this crochet tablecloth.

Ideas: If you don’t want to make full-size tablecloths, you can always crochet tablerunners or doilies instead.

18. Crochet Wedding Invitations

There are lots of ways to incorporate crochet into your wedding invitations. For example, you can use a photo of crocheted lace as the border for the invitations. But an idea I really like is to do handmade invitations and envelopes that incorporate crochet.

This example of a linen envelope with crochet edging comes from Etsy’s donAlberta.

19. Crochet Wedding Cake Topper

Wedding cake toppers seem to be one of the most popular crocheted items for DIY weddings.

These adorable lovebird wedding cake toppers are sold by Etsy’s Denizmum

20. Or Even a Crochet Wedding Cake

I don’t know exactly what the point is of a crocheted wedding cake but I do know that I’ve seen a bunch of them online!

There’s a tutorial for this crochet wedding cake over at DIY Bride.

You can use heirloom crochet for something old and you can also use crochet for something new, something borrowed and something blue!


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. LaurindaReddig Reply

    Oh! I wish I’d known you were doing this! Would have send you pics of my sister’s wedding dress which was a simple white bridesmaid’s dress until I removed the sleeves and replaced them with crocheted lace, as well as adding a trim along the seam of the empire waist dress. I also crocheted my wedding veil, with size 30 thread and a size 14 hook. ;) But haven’t posted pics of either yet…

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @LaurindaReddig That sounds beautiful! Definitely let me know when the pics are up and I’ll let my readers know to check them out.

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  4. @CrochetBlogger Thanks so much for mentioning my website. I am going to put a link to your website into mine too. Ciao

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @Mary2764 Wonderful. Love your creativity and am glad to have connected with you!

  5. Where can I get the pattern for the bridal wedding shawl. It’s absolutely beautiful

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @AClarke The seller, Crochet Butterfly, is on Etsy at (Incidentally she also makes tons of other really beautiful designs, both bridal and everyday). I do not know if she shares her patterns or not but it’s worth a try to contact her and start a conversation.

      • Nancy M Emtman Reply

        The Bridal veil is not on Crochet Butterfly. Strange it was attributed to her etsy site. It is actually veil to be purchased ($175), I believe that is the price. It’s found on Etsy at She is also from Turkey. The shawl is seen on also.

        • Kathryn Reply

          Thanks for the information. I will double check on this.

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  14. Another idea is to crochet covers for mason jars to use as candle holders, centerpieces, or vases.

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