Tech Crafty: Examples of Crochet QR Codes

Quite some time ago I wrote a post explaining all of the different ways that a crochet lover might use a QR code. Yesterday I shared a link to a tutorial for how to crochet a QR code. Today I thought I’d do a roundup of examples of crochet QR codes spotted around the web. Enjoy!

crochet qr code yarnbomb

Crochet QR Code Yarnbomb by Anu of Ageing Rebel, the one who created the tutorial that I linked to yesterday for crocheting a QR code

crochet qr code

I love this square motif based crochet QR code by artist Babukatorium

crochet qr code

Crochet QR Code by Juicie Lucie Creations

tunisian crochet qr code

Tunisian Crochet QR Code via Lithigurumi

crochet qr code coaster

Crochet QR Code Coasters that say beer, coffee, tea and juice

crochet qr code cushion

QR Code Cushion by Gyre & Gimble

Thank You for Your Visit, Have a Nice Day (Wearable Sculpture) b

And okay, so the QR code itself isn’t crocheted on this one but you gotta love the Olek art + QR code!

Lots of other yarncrafters are getting in on the fun, too. I’ve seen embroidered QR codes, woven QR codes, needlepoint QR codes and knitted QR codes.

Note: The image at the top of the post was crocheted by Flickr’s MiaDeRoca; she has more photos of the process on Flickr to check out!

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  1. Thanks for linking to my coasters on your page! I embroidered qr-codes on aida, books and then realized it was also crochetable. =) I am also happy to have discovered your page. Thanks again.


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