Exploring Tapestry Crochet with 9 Patterns and Lots of Inspiration Photos

Tapestry crochet is a unique niche of crochet that emphasizes colorwork and graphic patterns. It is made by carrying yarn colors along behind the work and switching out those colors to create your patterns. It can be done using just the very basic crochet stitches that you probably already know. This roundup has nine tapestry crochet tutorials/ patterns plus another 32 photos of tapestry crochet designed to inspire you with all that can be done in this craft.

Tapestry Crochet Tutorials and Patterns

tapestry crochet

How to Carry Yarn in Tapestry Crochet via @crochetme

tapestry crochet tote

Tapestry crochet tote pattern free from @SolRencoret, a beautiful Morocco-inspired design

tapestry crochet basket free pattern

Lilliputian baskets free tapestry crochet pattern from [email protected], a great little project for beginning to practice the technique of tapestry crochet!

crochet phone cozy free pattern

Tapestry crochet Shamrocks phone cozy free pattern from My Hobby is Crochet

crochet coin purse pattern

Tapestry crochet coin purse free pattern from @mypoppetshop; check out these other crochet coin purses

crochet washcloths

Beautiful tapestry crochet washcloth patterns for sale from Little Woolie

tapestry crochet sweaters

Margaret Wilson’s Scandinavian crochet pattern, for sale through Ravelry, is a great example of a sweater done in Tapestry Crochet; previously posted in my roundup of 100 unique crochet sweaters

tapestry crochet hat pattern

Amy O’Neill Houck offers this free crochet tutorial for a tapestry crochet heart hat

tapestry crochet tutorial

Harlequin Pattern Tapestry Crochet Tutorial from Little Woolie

Tapestry Crochet Inspiration Photos

Here are some beautiful, wonderful tapestry crochet photos shared, from various sources including instagram and vintage crochet books, collected here to inspire you!

From tintocktap:

tintocktap crochet sampler tapestry crochet tintocktap tapestry crochet tintocktap tapestry crochet squares tintocktap tapestry crochet snowflake

From knitpurlhook:

knitpurlhook tapestry crochet polka dots knitpurlhook tapestry crochet heart washcloths knitpurlhook tapestry crochet colorful diamonds

knitpurlhook tapestry crochet clouds

From Carol Ventura, a tapestry crochet master:

crochet bee bag

martin luther king jr crochet tapestry crochet sweater tapestry crochet clocks felted crochet hat tapestry heart crochet scarf

Crochet I saw during my Belize vacation:

tapestry crochet belize Belize tapestry crochet belize tapestry crochet tapestry crochet purse

And more:

hookybren tapestry crochet


forever__autumn__ tapestry crochet


bechancer tapestry crochet


crochet seashells

Caroline Routh tapestry crochet art

tapestry crochet landscape

Rachelle Vasquez tapestry crochet art

crochet coat

Tapestry crochet coat by Frank Lincoln Viner, from Creative Crochet

hard crochet hatHard Crochet hat by Mark Dittrick

tapestry crochet

Tapestry crochet mandala by Stacey Glasgow via Tapestry Crochet Blog

crochet yarmulke

Tapestry Crochet Yarmulkes

crochet portrait art

Portrait crochet art by KatikaArt that appears to be done in tapestry crochet, although I haven’t confirmed that

crochet portrait

Likewise with the crochet portraits by Jo Hamilton

tapestry crochet scarf

Silk Tapestry Crochet Scarf, Interweave Winter 2007, included in the section of Tapestry Crochet Scarves in my 100 unique crochet scarves roundup

tapestry crochet purse

Tapestry Crochet Summer Bag via lastejeymaneje

tapestry crochet bag

Marina Gavrilov’s striking tapestry crochet bags via Tapestry Crochet blog

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