25 Popular Crochet Motif Patterns You are Sure To Love!

If you have been searching for popular crochet motif patterns then your search is over!

In this collection, we have gathered fun AND popular patterns that can be used to create beautiful designs and/or appliques.

Each of the patterns come with clear, precise instructions and are easy to follow.

I am loving several of these for making blankets and a few others for some fun appliques to use on different things.

You are sure to find a few you can’t live without too! Take a look!

25 Popular Crochet Motif Patterns

If you are looking for fun popular crochet motif patterns, then you simply must see the ones in this collection! Here, you will find popular motif patterns that can be used in your creative designs. And, the best part is, each motif comes with easy to follow patterns with clear instructions.

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